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Mar 08, 2013 Fishrock123 Release
GeoIPTools GeoIP database library for Bukkit. Features: Supports the GeoIPCountry, GeoIPCity and GeoIPv6 databases. Databases are downloaded automatically and auto updated. Auto update can be disabled or delayed (in days). Databases are only loaded when a plugin requests it. The user can specify from where the databases will be downloaded. The user can specify a path to his own database files (download and auto update feature will be disabled in this case). Permissions via SuperPerms (Bukkit...


Feb 17, 2013 Fishrock123 Release
EntitySuppressor is a plugin designed to prevent unnecessary amounts of Mobs from spawning on your server, thus reducing server lag. It does this by supplying an efficient multi-step process to limiting monsters. Code is written almost entirely by myself. Also see bergerkiller's NoLagg for further Lag-Fixes. Credit to NoLagg & LexManos's PerformanceTweaks for some original concepts. Features! Quote:Multiworld compatibility! Limits Monsters, Squid, Animals, Bats, and Villagers to configureable...


Dec 08, 2012 Fishrock123 Mature
NoEntityGrief (formerly known as NoEnderGrief) is an ultra-lightweight plugin designed to simply stop mobs and entities from messing around with your world. NoEntityGrief prevents: (Entirely multiworld configurable) Enderman block interaction. Sheep block changing. (They still regrow wool.) Explosions. Mobs and/or TNT. Snowman snow spread. Silverfish breaking regular stone bricks. (They still spawn from the special blocks.) Code was written from scratch by me. One class file and 46 lines in...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found