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Fake Achievements

Jan 28, 2014 Gandalf1209 Release
Fake Achievements What Is It? This plugin is an extremely lightweight plugin that is meant to spice up your server. I would recommend small servers because there aren't permissions yet. Basically, you can type in a command, and it will broadcast to the server that *username* has earned the achievement *fake achievement*. I thought this plugin would make things a little happier and funnier in your server. Someone might get the achievement "Toilet Plunger," while others might get "Butt Face."...
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Player Faker

Jan 21, 2014 Gandalf1209 Release
Player Faker Overview This extremely lightweight, and work in progress plugin will eventually allow players in-game, or the console to have other players "join" and "leave" and talk as other players. So far, in-game players and the console can have players "join" and "leave". They can also chat as another player. My next goal, is to add players to the online players screen, so it will be full proof! Commands /fj <username> - Broadcasts to the server that a player has joined /fj <username>...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found