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Bulletin board

Jul 15, 2012 Hubarz Planning
Bulletin board This plugin allows you to create bulletin boards of signs. You can update them by MySQL of files. There are two types of boards: 1. One message per sign. The sign only displays the heading. By right-clicking users can see the whole message. 2. One message per board. The plugin prints the message over the whole board. Commands /bb create <name>: Create a new board called <name>. /bb list: Shows a list of all of all boards. /bb update: Looks up if new messages are available. /bb...


Feb 01, 2013 dutchy1001 Mature
PayDay This plugin rewards users for being online a specific time. By using permissions you can define multiple groups (to reward VIPs more or so..) Note: If you want to use money reward, you need Vault. Configuration This plugin uses a simple group system. Every group has to be declared at the top of your config.yml. This list NEEDS to be ordered after priority! groups: - admin - vip - normal Money reward Set use_vault to true, to use money reward. Then you need to define the groups. time...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found