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Oct 04, 2016 Jerbal Release
Isn't it annoying to have to check to see if you /need/ that piece for transmogrification? This is no longer a problem! This addon, with some basic rules, will automatically roll need on items which you do not currently have the transmog for and can earn it. Make those low-level runs a snap! Looking for Translators.
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BG Control

Feb 10, 2015 Jerbal Beta
Report problems using the curseforge ticket page. Help control your battlegrounds. This addon is a combination enemy talent specialization reader and friendly/enemy node balancing. See when nodes are overrun as the fight starts and how many healers there are instead of waiting for someone to call out when it is too late or worse, when the flag capture sound is played. This is designed to help make intelligent decisions on which nodes to assist, which nodes are lost causes, who to focus kill,...
Noisy Eye

Group Finder Silence

Jan 07, 2015 Jerbal Release
This addon removes the "constant dinging" sound when someone has joined LFG and is awaiting an invite. It should work with any and all of the Group Finder categories. This fix also includes the worst of the offenders: "Premade Groups - Questing". It will play the sound once for every time it would normally loop.
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Take Ashran Portal

Jan 01, 2015 Jerbal Release
Sick and tired about being chastised for taking the flight path to Ashran instead of using the portal that your level 3 garrison offers? Well, this is the solution to all of your social awkwardness1! This beauty will give you a pop-up, warning you of your faux pas. Naturally, you can still fly there if you want and you probably still will after muscle memory kicks in, but now much less frequently! All the intelligence of Gnomish engineering, with the success rates of Goblin Engineering3! At 3...