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Oct 02, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 AntiCurse is yet another one of my plugins, that does exactly what it sounds like. You can set words that will get you kicked if you say them. Download Latest Build Report Bugs Config # AntiCurse | KeybordPiano459 blacklisted-words: - whatever - you - want You can add and remove from that list, and of course edit. The words on the list will have you kicked if you say them.


Oct 27, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Beta
AntiHax is a community effort against hacks. It is completely open-sourced, and if you make a pull request, I will most likely accept it. We look for signs that users have installed a mod, and will report the user if the signs point to yes. If you want to help out with the code or anything else, let me know here. Resources Download Released Builds Source Code IRC Channel (#antihax) Plugin Stats Permissions Checks Cursing Check Join the Dev Team Plugin Stats Bug Reports These are very...


Sep 14, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 When I'm on a server, I hate where I'm doing something with my house and now I have dirt everywhere, and I have to replace it all with grass, or if it isn't my server, I need to wait for the grass to regrow O_O. Now with DirtReplace, you can hold a blaze rod and right click any dirt block to replace it with grass. This only works if you have the permission dirtreplace.dirt. Enjoy! Download Latest Build Report Bugs Source Code All DirtReplace Stuff - dirtreplace.* Replace...


Nov 16, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
Latest Version: 1.0 kEconomy By: KeybordPiano459 kEconomy is a plugin that I've made, and am very proud of. It took me a while to debug and figure out, and here it is. It's very easy to use, with few permissions, easy commands, and a lot of potential. Download Latest Build Report Bugs Config start-amount: 30.0 money: KeybordPiano459: 40.0 start-amount is the amount of money that players get when they first join the server. money is a list of players and the amounts of money they have. It...


Jan 05, 2013 KeybordPiano459 Alpha
kEssentials is a very lightweight and easy to use server management plugin. Download Released Builds Report Bugs/Suggest Features List of Commands List of Permissions Addons Help Github Page IRC Chatroom (#kessentials) Plugin Statistics Make a Donation Infomation kEssentials is currently a collaborative effort, the lead developers being me, and @fireblast709. kEssentials is a pretty lightweight plugin which currently is in development, and will be released as soon as we have enough time to...


Sep 30, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 Maintenance is a plugin that allows you to go into 'maintenance mode' with /maintenance. While you're in maintenance mode, only players that are op or players with maintenance.bypass can join the server. Download Latest Build Report Bugs Permissions maintenance.*: Access to all Permissions maintenance.bypass: Join the Server During Maintenance Mode maintenance.maintenance: Access to /maintenance


Nov 07, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 MCWeapons is by far my favorite plugin out of the ones that I have developed, adding lots of fun to Faction/PvP servers by adding new, awesome weapons that people can use based on permissions. Download Latest Build Github IRC Chat (#mcweapons) Plugin Statistics Report Bugs Weapons Throwable Fire Charges - mcweapons.firecharge Snowball Frag Grenades - mcweapons.snowballgrenade Explosive Arrows - mcweapons.explosivearrow Lightning Sticks - mcweapons.lightningstick Throwable...
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Feb 07, 2013 KeybordPiano459 Release
Newspaper is the plugin to use to get information around your server as quickly as possible. Download Released Builds Plugin Statistics Report Bugs/Suggest Features Using the Newspaper API Support Us! Github Page Make a Donation Information Newspaper is used to help notify users on your server about what is currently going on. You can edit the newspaper accordingly, going with what is happing on your server. For example, you could say 'Vote for our server at [link]' or 'New PvP server has...


Oct 21, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 PlayerTrack allows you to easily track a player, with the help of one command and your compass. Upon typing /track [player] [name], your compass point will be set to that player. Commands /track [coords] [x] [z] - Set your compass point to coordinates /track [help] - See the PlayerTrack help /track [nearby] - Track the nearest player /track [player] [name] - Set your compass point to a player /track [reset] - Reset your compass point Permissions playertrack.track - Access...


Feb 23, 2013 KeybordPiano459 Release
RemoteJukebox is a useful plugin that can represent a remote control in real-life, just with commands, in minecraft, on a jukebox. Download Released Builds Report Bugs/Suggest Features Github Page Plugin Stats Information I'm currently working on RemoteJukebox alone, as the lead developer. This is a very lightweight plugin, with it's only intention being able to control your jukebox from afar, as you might in real life with your TV or stereo, and a remote control. Installing the plugin itself...


Jul 20, 2013 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 ServerHub provides a quick way for new players to figure out what to do on your server. You can add server events to the list, and users could be able to warp to them, based on what you define in the config. Download Released Builds Report Bugs/Suggest Features Github Page Plugin Statistics Make a Donation Commands Currently, the only command is /hub. When the player performs this command, a GUI will pop up, similar to the one below. The GUI will have certain options on...


Dec 28, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
SignCreator: 1.1 SignCreator By: KeybordPiano459 SignCreator allows server admins to very easily make clickable signs that are functional, and completely customizable, especially if you use custom plugins. Download Latest Builds Github Plugin Statistics Report Bugs Making Signs They should be compatible with other plugins that make the '&' symbols If you put PLAYER in the command in the config, it will get the player's name Permissions Create Clickable Signs - signcreator.create Use Clickable...


Sep 13, 2012 KeybordPiano459 Release
By: KeybordPiano459 SmeltMe is a simple plugin used to /smelt your items on the spot. One cool thing about this plugin is that it takes the actual smelting time into account. If you use /smelt to cook some food, it takes 10 seconds, the normal time it takes to smelt in a furnace. This way, it's not pretty much deleting raw food and getting the cooked version instantly. If you type /smelt, you will be able to /smelt <hand>, or check out the /smelt <info>. If you use /smelt <hand>, you will...
  • 13 bukkit plugins found