AI Research Grid

AI Research Grid

Jan 04, 2015 LCAmethyst Release
AI Research Grid allows you to quickly and easily see which traits you have researched for Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking, wherever you are in the world. Now has support for viewing multiple characters on the same account! Shows which motifs/styles you have learned on each character. Shows a timer for research on ALL characters (not just the one you're logged in as). Using AI Research Grid To open/close the addon, either type the command "/airg" or preferably open the Keybindings...
Vamp Status

AI Vampire Status

Jun 15, 2014 LCAmethyst Release
Very simple addon for Vampires that displays on screen your current stage and how long before you progress to the next stage. You can move it around the screen to where you want and it will save the position. It also disappears when you open inventory etc, so isn't cluttering the screen.
Awesome Info - sample screen 2

Awesome Info

Jun 09, 2014 LCAmethyst Release
What is it? Awesome Info is designed to be a no-fuss, minimal impact add-on that will warn you about the things you want warning about, when you want to be warned about them. It includes: A clock Low Weapon Charge warning Low Durability warning (includes repair cost) Low Bag space warning Horse feed timer Research timer Alert for unspent stat points or skill points I DO want to know all these things, but I do NOT want a bunch of add-ons on my screen all the time telling me I have 95%...