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Jun 12, 2016 lexlaiden Release
Make your own plugin like features and more using VariableTriggers This is a very powerful plugin that has unlimited potential. Create triggers that run lines of script when a player Clicks or Walks on a block (dirt, door, switch, trigger, torch, any block) or Create Event Triggers such as PlayerDeath , EntityDeath, BlockBreak, BlockPlaced, Join, Quit, Respawn, Interact and EntitySpawn that also run scripts. You can define Area Triggers and Command Triggers as well. You can use Dynamic Object...


Jul 03, 2013 Lyoko_Firelyte Release
VTExtension - Add some features to VariableTriggers! This plugin requires VariableTriggers Please Note: I am not the creator of Variable Triggers nor am I claiming to be. This plugin was created to offer some extra features that can be used with VariableTriggers that were not originally included. Update: I have taken over active work on Variable Triggers, please view there for any updates related to the plugin. This plugin won't be...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found