BulkOrder - Work Orders Automated

Jun 27, 2015 Malsomnus Release
Aren't you tired of going to the work orders NPC and just clicking... and clicking... and clicking? Well, click no more! All you need is to install this add-on, and from that moment talking to a work orders NPC in your garrison will automatically queue all available work orders for you! In order to open the work orders window without automatically queuing all work orders, hold down the LEFT SHIFT key. Work orders at the Trading Post, Dwarven Bunker/ War Mill and Goblin Workshop are by default...
BloodyAddon v1.01

Bloody Add-on

Jan 19, 2015 Malsomnus Release
Have you ever played your Blood Death Knight and wished you had a really pretty GUI that showed you stuff like your blood shield, or bone shield, or any other type of internal organ shield? Well, good news everyone! Bloody Add-on, masterfully painted by the talented trollgirl, will do all of the above, and more Current features: Big red bar showing your current amount and remaining duration of Blood Shield Smallish bones showing the charges of your Bone Shield Bloody little sword showing the...