Apr 14, 2014 Malsomnus Mature
This add-on allows you to set automatic messages to be sent to anyone in your raid group on specific boss events. For example, remind people where to go on Lei Shen's transitions or Elegon's add phase, or remind people which raid cooldowns to use on Megaera's rampages or Jin'rokh's lightning storms. In addition it can be used to make buttons for custom messages, such as "dispel me!" to healers on Jin'rokh HC. You can use the Preview feature to send all raiders their messages in advance so...


Dec 03, 2013 Malsomnus Inactive
How many times have you fought Elegon and people forgot their assigned pillars? How many times have you fought Megaera and people forgot when to use each raid cooldown? Lei Shen conduit assignments? Heroic Will spark assignments? Well, no more! Raidminder is a simple utility that allows a raid leader to send a few notes to each raider, which will stay on his or her screen with simple reminders such as "p1 - blue, p2 - red" or "#3 tranq". Better still, it allows the raid leader to plan these...