Prerequisite quest tooltip


Oct 16, 2016 Nimhfree Release
Wholly is a complete visualization of the Grail quest database addon as it relates to the player. It shows a panel with quests conveniently separated into zones and indicates their status. Quests can be filtered so only those that need to be completed, etc. appear. Wholly also shows pins on the world map for locations where quest givers appear, and the pins are similarly colored based on their status. Problems? Please submit a ticket. Public git repository for Wholly Localization Please help...


Oct 16, 2016 Nimhfree Release
Grail is a library of quest information designed to provide that quest information to other addons to make their decision processing easier. For example, an addon like EveryQuest or TourGuide would be able to make use of Grail's knowledge to determine if a quest has been completed, whether the character can obtain a quest, what reasons the character cannot obtain a quest (lack of level, wrong race, wrong class, not enough reputation, has not completed a prerequisite quest, etc.), the location...
Loremaster standalone


Jul 18, 2016 Deepac Release
New Loremaster Starting with the Loremaster release for 5.4, Loremaster will require the use of the Grail addon to provide quest data. The interface and functionality will remain basically the same, but because quest information will be taken from Grail, the goal is to provide more up-to-date information for Loremaster. Please create a ticket if you find problems with the quest information. If there are interface problems, or functionality problems with Loremaster please comment here....


May 01, 2016 Nimhfree Release
A simple addon that tracks when your character levels and how much time is played. Use the slash command /whenlevel to get a brief report of recorded data. Public git repository for WhenLevel


Jul 17, 2013 Nimhfree Planning
Galahad uses the Grail database of quest/NPC information, as well as its own knowledge of questing to make questing more pleasurable.