Sep 20, 2016 reighnman Release
About SlamAndAwe is based on the Enhancement Shaman addon "ShockAndAwe", for ALL Warrior specs. To configure the addon, type "/saa config". For any issues, bugs or feature requests, please open a ticket at: This is much more helpful then leaving the error in a comment. Priority Box Configurable priority queue groups which display the next available ability along with a GCD timer. The default priorities are based from the latest...
Shock Bars


Aug 24, 2016 Pericles Release
This addon is currently being updated for 7.0, the description below is out-of-date and will be updated shortly. ShockAndAwe displays timer bars for Shocks, Stormstrike, Windfury (internal CD), Maelstrom Weapon, Lava Lash, Feral Spirits, and your shield. It optionally shows number of orbs on left shield, stacks of MW, advises of next shock in rotation. It also shows a user configurable priority icon frame to advise you of what the highest damage ability available is. Using the priority frame...


Jul 19, 2016 Pericles Release
MBB reduces minimap buttons and makes them accessible through a pop out menu. Click the MBB button to expand the menu and display the buttons. Each button that is collapsed into the menu can be reattached to the minimap with Ctrl + Right Click. The MBB button can also be detached from minimap with Ctrl + Right Click. Hot Key Ctrl + Right Click - detach / reattach a minimap button Slash Commands /mbb - shows the MBB commands /mbb buttons - shows a list of all rfames in the MBB bar /mbb reset...


Jan 07, 2015 Pericles Release
The aim of this addon is to track your best score for each ability for damage, heals AND tanking tracking both normals & crits so you can see how you improve as you get better gear. Early days as to what the addon can do and at present it will be somewhat limited display wise until I get to grips with how frame design can be improved. At present it works out your best damage (crit & normal) for each ability used, your best heal (crit & normal) for each ability used, and it does tanking stats...


Jun 29, 2013 Pericles Alpha
This addon allows you to select a wishlist of items from the Blizzard Encounter Journal loot tables. Then once in a raid it will prompt you to switch specs if the boss only drops items from the other spec. eg: For Horridon you mark 2 dps items (for off spec) but no healer items (your main spec) as you have got them all. When you get to Horridon the addon will notice your Loot Specialisation is still healer but you have no healer items in your wishlist. It then sees you DO have dps items in...
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Nov 26, 2011 Pericles Release
This addon shows you who in your party/raid has got vials/planar charges/food/fully buffed etc. The aim is to make it easy for people who want to get max performance from their group to see if their group is fully ready for the next boss fight. It is intended to show you the group or raids health/mana status as well as the status of various buffs. The idea is raid/group leaders will be able to visually see if the raid/group is at full health/mana and things like if people are AFK, offline,...


Aug 20, 2010 Auldare Alpha
Pug User GUI System; This is a very early work in progress addon which will primarily focus on helping a pug raid leader manage invites and quickly update exactly what roles are left to be filled for their raid.