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Apr 06, 2013 Porterk Release
EndlessFlow Have you ever wanted to have water and lava that would flow forever? Now you can! Make an ocean out of nothing! Check out the FAQ ! Description: Makes water and lava flow forever flat or downhill! Installation: Just put the jar in your plugins folder and RESTART(not reload) the server! Then whenever you place more water or lava, it will flow forever! Commands: /ef water - toggle water on/off /ef lava - toggle lava on/off Permissions: endlessflow.* - Use any /ef command Note: Be...


May 03, 2013 Porterk Planning
ModStick is a plugin that will help you every day! When mods come online & are on duty, they will be able to kick & ban people in a flash! When a mod right clicks with one of the ModStick items, they will be prompted to enter a username & the user will be punished accordingly! Pumpkin Stem (Bans user for Advertising) Melon Stem (Kicks user for violating the chat rules) Paper (Kicks user for spamming chat) Commands /toggleonduty or /tod: Toggles whether or not the moderator is on duty....

Sign Info

Jun 19, 2013 Porterk Release
Sign Info! With SignInfo, you can dispense your server information in all new ways! It's easy to setup & you don't need any experience with YML files to use this plugin! Commands /signadd Adds a message to the config. /signedit Edit a message that has already been created! Permissions signinfo.create Allows user to create an [Info] sign! signinfo.add Allows user to use /signadd command signinfo.edit Allows user to use /signedit command! How to use Simple place a sign in this format! Replace...
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Feb 23, 2014 Porterk Release
Jukebox Rotate Ever wanted to make a Jukebox endlessly rotate? Here is your solution! Right now it is only compatible with 7 or 8 discs, I made this plugin originally for Joannou1, so it is customized mainly for his needs. Be sure to check out the config page. Commands /jbr set <id> - Sets jukebox, <id> can be anything you want it to be. /jbr start - Force starts / switches tracks /jbr delay - Sets delay (in ticks) /jbr info - Displays some info /jbr changelog - Displays the changelog /jbr...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found