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Jan 13, 2014 Rosaage Release
This plugin does the same as the Kage Bunshin no jutsu from the Naruto anime, creating a shadow clone. (npc) Info The config is quite easy, only two settings one is for how many clones /taiju will make, and the other is how long each clone will last. To use this plugin you type one of the two commands to make a clone (See below) and you can either use /release to release it instantly or you an wait for it to get released automatically. REMEMBER! - You need to have Citizens for this to work!...

Tobi Motd

Feb 15, 2016 Rosaage Release
Tobi Motd is a simple Motd plugin (Like the one in the server.propeties but this one comes up after you are logged on) To change the motd open the config.yml file in the Tobi Motd directory. To use the motd codes you simply add them in the line. Example: MOTD : 'Welcome %NAME%, The time is now %TIME%' would if i logged in when the world time (not real time) was 17.15 become Welcome rosaage, The time is now 17:15 The New codes won't work in console! News: Small fixes Newest Version: 2.9!...


Mar 17, 2013 Rosaage Release
This plugin lets you like in the anime Naruto walk on water (and other liquids) by creating a block under you (you can set the block in the config.yml default is stone (only id's)) Commands /Wow - Enable/Disable Walking on water Permissions Water.Walk - Needed to walk on water To-Do list Nothing Changelog 1.1 Removes the block after you move to next block Credits As in my other plugins, theguynextdoor
  • 3 bukkit plugins found