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SimpleFly Logo v1; By Derpzord


Dec 06, 2012 ShootToMaim Release
Flying - The Simple Way! Current SimpleFly Version: 1.4.7b Be advised, this SimpleFly version is a beta build. If you want the most stable release, download v1.4.5. SimpleFly is a super simple flying plugin! Simply use /fly and /stopfly to start and stop flying! Features No damage on falling when using /stopfly! Super simple /fly and /stopfly commands! All permissions plugins supported! Permissions plugin is not needed (defaults to OP!) Very customizable! Commands /fly - Start flying!...
JailLikeHell Picture v2


May 23, 2012 ShootToMaim Release
JailLikeHell - Make Those Griefers Suffer! JailLikeHell on the Bukkit Forums! JailLikeHell Version: 5.4.1 Current Downloads: Click Here! JailLikeHell is a fork of the plugin SimpleJail. It has more commands, and more functions than SimpleJail, as well as Jail Protection, so prisoners cannot break out! The jail is also targeted by lightning when set (every 10 seconds)! Features Easy Customization Use /jlh setjail and /jlh setunjail to easily set the two jail and unjail locations! Players'...


Nov 05, 2011 ShootToMaim Release
THE NoOrbsPlease BukkitDev Project Page!: VERSION: 1.1 Features -Gets rid of those laggy orbs! -SUPER SIMPLE! (No config files are generated, and PERMISSIONS ARE NOT NEEDED!) Description Hey guys! After creating the JailLikeHell plugin (, I made this plugin, the NoOrbsPlease plugin! You do not need permissions for this! This is super-simple as well! NO CONFIG FILES ARE GENERATED! Why...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found