MapCraft 1.4 (Mac)


Sep 04, 2010 MotiveMe Release
MapCraft 1.6 This program allows PC and Mac users to play custom games over 2.0 with multiple players. A single player feature is included as well, primarily for Mac users who have no map editor to run Test Document on. As of MapCraft 1.4, Extinction is now the default Multiplayer map. MapCraft requires a recent version of the Java runtime installed on your computer. This program has been tested under Mac OS X 10.6.3 and Windows 7. All versions of Windows above and including...


Apr 08, 2010 Sholdak Alpha
Milky Way Edit is designed to be a simple gui based editor for starcraft 2 maps. IT is meant to allow map editing before the galaxy edit comes out.Plans are to support editing of galaxy files, editing/cloning/addition of gamedata, placing/editing of units, editing map info and player info(race, position, color)