District 9 Complex Image

District 9 Complex

Apr 21, 2013 KillerStreet911 Release
This map has a lot of features such as three start locations bases at the top and the bottom as well. If you spawn at the middle bases you have to decide which ramp to protect in the early game, but spawning at the middle can be challenging to protect. The rich resouces has a rich vespene gas. Please Remember That if you are Downloading this Map you must go the File Page if you are in SC2 Mapster. If you are in you must go to Other Downloads page to which ever one. Version 1.0: Six...
Find the dot

Find the Dot

May 23, 2010 Sixen Release
Extremely simple, just find the Dot! Just to note, this was my testing of scripting a map with Galaxy instead of using triggers prior to the Custom Script function revamp in the Trigger Editor, ;).

Official Melee Maps

Jul 12, 2010 Sixen Release
A pack of all the official Ladder maps (as seen below). The pack only contains Current Maps and Old Maps, the Upcoming Maps section contains Maps we have found the names of, but have not yet been released. Ladder Maps (24) Current Maps (19) (2) Blistering Sands (2) Desert Oasis (2) Novice Blistering Sands (2) Novice Desert Oasis (2) Novice Steppes of War (2) Scrap Station (2) Steppes of War (4) Arid Wastes (4) Kulas Ravine (4) Lost Temple (4) Metalopolis (4) Monlyth Ridge -...