Nov 26, 2016 Skyost Beta
This plugin allows you to lock your doors with a craftable key. It has a master key too. From an idea of NeatMonster. Features Lock your doors, chests, trapdoors, ... A craftable key, master key, key clone, bunch of keys and even a padlock finder ! Every craft has its own permissions. Every item has its own permissions. Auto updates. Everything is configurable. Compatible with the new doors (1.8). How to use it ? Left click on a door with an empty key in your hand will create a padlock on the...


Nov 22, 2016 Skyost Planning
PocketHouse Your house in your pocket ! What is it ? This plugin allows players to have a house in their pocket. Yeah it's right; a house in their pocket ! They just have to right click with a specified item (configurable) and they can be teleported whenever they want in their house. Please check the video below for more informations. How does it work ? PocketHouse creates a world (to store houses). When a player run a command (see below) or use the specified item, he is teleported to his...


Nov 12, 2016 Skyost Beta
OwnGarden Grow custom trees ! How does it work ? Well, it is simple : first you have to plant a sapling (any type you want). Then let it grows or use some bonemeal. When the sapling is ready to become a tree, the plugin replaces the horrible default Minecraft tree by a nice custom schematic. The custom schematic is randomly picked from a list (where you can add, remove or edit the available schematics per sapling type). Configuration Your server must be stopped before editing config.yml....

Algogo Bukkit

Aug 31, 2016 Skyost Beta
Algogo Bukkit Algogo Bukkit is the Bukkit implementation of Algogo. It is used to run and debug algorithms directly on your Minecraft server. How does it work ? You create an algorithm with Algogo Desktop (which can be downloaded here), place it in the algorithm folder, you can run it with /algogo launch [filename]. You can interrupt it with /algogo interrupt. A list of commands is available below. Commands /algogo launch [filename] - algogo.launch - Launch an algorithm. /algogo interrupt -...


Aug 21, 2016 Skyost Beta
What is it ? Skyowallet is a lightweight economy plugin which supports MySQL. Features Fast and lightweight. Player friendly. Open-source. MySQL support with a nice sync system ! Simple and documented API. Skyupdater for auto-updates. Vault compatibility. Banks support. How to use it ? You just have to install the plugin the classic way (put the jar file in the plugins folder). It will automatically create players' accounts, so you are ready to configure it and use commands ! The plugin sync...
Skyoseasons 2


Aug 31, 2015 Skyost Release
Skyoseasons - Add Seasons to Minecraft ! This plugin adds seasons on your Minecraft server ! Features A lot of config options. Custom seasons : you can add or remove some seasons. Day / night lengths can be configured for each season ! Can be hooked with ProtocolLib (no modification on your world). 1.8 compatible ! Can be hooked with Spout (change the size of the moon, star frenquency, ...). Snow melt. Calendar system. Automatically make a backup of your worlds when the plugin loads a world...
Project HungerGames

Project HungerGames

Aug 31, 2014 Skyost Beta
Project HungerGames May the odds be ever in your favour. Features A lot of config options (messages, random spawns distances and random events, ...). View a list of winners. You can add your maps or you can let the plugin generate them. There is a lobby ! Spawn random items (configurable, you can choose to spawn them in chests). Broadcast random messages (configurable too). Level bar countdown. Integrated kits system. Easy to use API. BungeeCord support. Reward system. Auto-updates available...


Aug 27, 2014 Skyost Beta
PlayerSkinChanger What is it ? This plugin allows you to change your skin and to change the name over your header without any client mod ! Warning ! You cannot see your new skin but others players can. ProtocolLib must be installed with a version > 3.4.0. This plugin is not compatible with versions under 1.7.9. Spigot may not be compatible. But you still able to test if you want. Commands /psc <skin> <name> - Requires permission : playerskinchanger.use Screenshots /psc Herobrine Herobrine...
NSA - Seal of quality

Bukkit Security Agency

Aug 04, 2014 Skyost Beta
Smile ! You're on camera. What is it ? Bukkit Security Agency (BSA) is a plugin which allows you to spy, listen and threaten your players with anonymous messages. (But only for their goodness, is not it ?) Features Global skin and global username for your spyers. Spy, listen and threaten your players. Has a lot of funny options. Auto-updates available. Approved by NSA. How to use it ? First, you have to run the command /bsa, you will enter in BSA mode. (You will need the permission bsa.use.)...

Ghost Player

Aug 02, 2014 Skyost Release
Ghost Player - 10,000 Downloads reached !! Can we reach 100,000 ? This plugin allow you to be invisible like a ghost ! This plugin may be incompatible with ScoreboardStats ! Ghost Player uses MCStats and the Skyupdater. Thanks to GhostFactory. Changelog Check it here. Current version : 1.5 Status : Approved ! Added login permissions ! No need TurnedOnJoin anymore ! Some improvements in GhostFactory. Skyupdater updates. Documentation For commands, config and permissions, see the documentation....
Plugins Downloader and Installer

Plugins Downloader and Installer

Jul 26, 2014 Skyost Beta
Plugins Downloader and Installer This plugin allows you to search, download and install Bukkit plugins directly from the game. Commands, Aliases and Permissions Command : /plugins-downloader. Aliases : p-d, pl-downloader or plugin-down. Sub-commands : search [project name] - - Search for a plugin. It will paginate the results (see how to parse pages below). Example : /p-d search Ghost. infos [project id] - pluginsdownloader.infos - Get some informations about the...


Jul 06, 2014 Skyost Release
ItemSpawer - Spawn items inside your MobSpawners ! With this plugin, you can spawn items with your MobSpawners ! A big thanks to NeatMonster for the code (He gave me the right to use it) :D How it works ? You have just to look at a MobSpawner, then type the command /itemspawner. The MobSpawner take the item in your hand and will spawn it. You can specify the delay between the spawns (by using /itemspawner <delay>). You need the permission itemspawner.use ! It does not have a config file, so...
PlayerTag v0.1


Apr 16, 2014 Skyost Beta
This plugin is used to tag your players. Inspired from an idea of creepers84. How does it works ? You have just to chat @playername and it will send a sound to playername. Supports tab completion too ! This plugin does not have any configuration, any permission or any command ! Simple and lightweight. Donations Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.


Apr 08, 2014 Skyost Beta
IMGSender - Send images in the chat without client modifications ! With this little plugin, players can send images in the chat with a cache system ! If you love this plugin, you will enjoy this one :D Thanks to bobacadodl ! How does it works ? You have only two commands : /img [url] [size] [char] [text] [player]. [url] - OPTIONAL - The url of the image. Default : Config.Default.URL. [size] - OPTIONAL - The size of the image. Default : Config.Default.Size. [char] - OPTIONAL - The char of the...


Apr 02, 2014 Skyost Beta
MySignEdit MySignEdit can easily help you edit your signs ! This plugin uses MCStats and the Gravity's Updater. Commands /signedit or /se - Use it like /signedit <line> <text>. Example : /se 3 Line 3 ! You can also copy and paste a sign with /se copy [line] and /se paste ! (The [line] is optionnal ! /se paste need time to update the Sign, so don't worry if it not appear immediatly ;) ) You can clear a sign with /se clear. /!\ Warning ! You need the permission : se.edit ! Medias Bugs reports...

Bukkit Poke

Mar 16, 2014 Skyost Release
Bukkit Poke This is a simple plugin used to poke your friends in Bukkit ! Commands and permissions /poke - - Poke every players in the current world. You cannot use it from the Console. /poke <player> - poke.player - Poke a single player. /poke <world> - - Poke every players in the specified world. Configuration Please stop your server when you edit the config file. Worlds - Where the plugin is enabled. EnableUpdater - If you want to enable the Skyupdater. Messages -...


Feb 23, 2014 Skyost Beta
MineLife - The cycle of life in Minecraft ! This plugin allow you to integrate the cycle of life in your Bukkit server. How it works ? You have three steps in the cycle of life : Quote from MineLife:Child. Adult. Old. After the Old step, you will be dead. Each part of the cycle of life has : Quote from MineLife:A length (when the length is expired, you will be in the next step). A max health (you can configure the max health in each step). Some potion effects (you can give some potion effects...


Feb 13, 2014 Skyost Beta
Skyauth - A simple auth plugin This documentation is for : Skyauth v0.7.x Skyauth is a lightweight auth plugin with a simple register / login system. Thanks to OutGame for helping me to translate this page ;) This plugin uses MCStats and the Skyupdater. Commands and Permissions /login <password> - skyauth.login - Login on the server. The player will be disconnected when his session expires. (See below.) /logout - skyauth.logout - Logout from the server. /register <password> <confirm> -...


Jan 07, 2014 Skyost Release
Moods This simple plugin is used to broadcast your mood on your server (check the example below). How it works ? You just have to do one command to broadcast your mood : /<mood> [custom text] It will broadcast a nice image which show your mood :) Moods : Happy. Silly. Indifferent. Sad. (You can view a list in game with /moods). Example : If I want to say that I am happy, I just have to do /happy. Configuration EnableUpdater - If you want to enable Skyupdater. MoodsDirectory - The directory...

Bukkit Jail

Jan 06, 2014 Skyost Beta
Bukkit Jail - The best jail ever ! Bukkit Jail is a simple Bukkit plugin for sending criminals players into a jail. The jail can be in another world if you want... :) Thanks to OutGame for helping me to translate this page ;) This plugin uses MCStats and the Gravity's Updater. Commands and permissions Command - Permission - Description (please note that [Parameters] are optionnals.) /jail <Player> [reason] [time] - bukkitjail.jail - Jail the player <Player> because [reason] for [time]....