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Oct 10, 2016 haveric Release
RecipeManager 2 Complex recipes made easy ! Features NOTE: I will refer to some .html files in here, those files can be found in your /plugins/RecipeManager/ folder after you load the plugin the first time. The html files will also be updated automatically on new versions. Add new recipes: Shaped or shapeless recipes with optionally multiple results Furnace recipes with optional custom cook time and optional special fuel Fuel recipes with custom burning time or even random time from specified...

Fix Wood Steps

Apr 22, 2013 THDigi Release
NOTE: This plugin is useful for servers that have worlds generated before MC 1.3, before 4 wood step types appeared. What does this do ? It monitors chunks and inventories to replace any old wood steps (name tagged as "Wooden slabs", which were only mined with pickaxes) with the MC 1.3's wood steps (name tagged as "Oak wood slabs", which can be mined with axes). Features Fix existing chunks by replacing old wood steps Chunks are added to a queue to minimize lag Chunks are memorized in...

Instant Decay

Mar 21, 2013 THDigi Release
Instant Decay This plugin makes leaves decay instantly when destroying logs from trees. It uses the code which Minecraft itself uses to detect leaves and logs. It also triggers and obeys the LeavesDecayEvent so other plugins can prevent these leaves from decaying if they need to (for whatever reason). Features Uses Minecraft decay logic Drops are exacly the same as normal decay It will not affect leaves placed by players 10% chance for each leaf to make a break particle+sound effect Plays...
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Better Snow

Aug 08, 2012 THDigi Beta
Better snow Description This plugin basically allows snow to "go through" leaves and set on leaves that are under and on ground under trees. Features When snowing, the snow placed on leaves will be placed under as well Automatically places snow under already-placed snow on leaves Installation Download jar and place it in your plugins folder. ( Having issues, bugs, problems ? If you have any issues or found some bugs, please create a ticket. Source...

Dirt shovel

May 01, 2012 THDigi Release
Dirt shovel Description This plugin enables players to prevent grass spreading by just using a shovel, no commands! Ideal for making dirt paths in a traditional way, graves and what other stuff you can think of. Features Prevent grass spreading on specific blocks No commands, using in-game tools Simple visual&sound effects when using tools No storage, it changes blocks' data value and gets saved inside the world Not permanent, won't work if plugin is removed, so no world damage ! Optional...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found