Misc Maps

May 10, 2012 Taintedwisp Release
Random Maps, Thats all, somewhere to place started projects.
Mini Chop Farms Revised Terrain

Mini Chop Farms

Mar 23, 2012 Taintedwisp Release
This is my Re-make of the classic Mini-chop Farms, you start out with one worker, Chop your way through the minerals to expand your base and reach your enemies. this is for people who are bored. the average game last between 10-25 minutes. Making this a fun game for a short amount of time. I am Rageofhell this is my map, i made a new Curse account because it was annoying me it saying my old WoW name and they wouldnt Let me Change it. im going to lock my Chop Chop forest post on my other...
New picture

Evolution Frenzy

Nov 10, 2011 Taintedwisp Alpha
A new spin on a proven map, Evolution Frenzy will Rock your socks.... sexually o_0 We like to party lawl, if you have any ideas or intrest message taintedwisp, and I will listen, I am currently taking polls for ideas and listening to whatever people really like. :D FACEBOOK LINK http://www.facebook.com/EvoFrenzyUnited