Jan 28, 2012 TheAlmaity Beta
Zeldarules28 & TheAlmaity Present... What is RuneCraft? RuneCraft is our take on the Tug-Of-War Genera. It mixes a few classic, tug staples in with tons of fresh gameplay ideas and enhancements to present the best Tug-Of-War experience in Starcraft 2. Players take control of a powerful mage, capable of creating ancient markings called runes. These ancient runes contain miraculous powers- everything from summoning creatures out of the great void, to unleashing deadly psionic storms upon your...
Gates of Darkness v1.0 Terrain

Gates of Darkness

Aug 23, 2010 TheAlmaity Alpha
If you played the map, please visit and fill out the feedback form, it helps me a lot! Hero information might be out of date as I am curently remaking a lot of them Updates What am I working on? Currently remaking all the old heroes and making improvements to everything already implemented. Changelog Won't be keeping a complete changelog with every detail until i hit v1.0, but below is what i'm working on and what's done Done (last changelog wipe: 17th April) Wiped...