Gates of Darkness v1.0 Terrain

Gates of Darkness

Aug 23, 2010 TheAlmaity Alpha
If you played the map, please visit and fill out the feedback form, it helps me a lot! Hero information might be out of date as I am curently remaking a lot of them Updates What am I working on? Currently remaking all the old heroes and making improvements to everything already implemented. Changelog Won't be keeping a complete changelog with every detail until i hit v1.0, but below is what i'm working on and what's done Done (last changelog wipe: 17th April) Wiped...


Jan 28, 2012 TheAlmaity Beta
Zeldarules28 & TheAlmaity Present... What is RuneCraft? RuneCraft is our take on the Tug-Of-War Genera. It mixes a few classic, tug staples in with tons of fresh gameplay ideas and enhancements to present the best Tug-Of-War experience in Starcraft 2. Players take control of a powerful mage, capable of creating ancient markings called runes. These ancient runes contain miraculous powers- everything from summoning creatures out of the great void, to unleashing deadly psionic storms upon your...