Grief Prevention

Oct 02, 2016 The_PC_Tech_Guy Mature
AUTOMATICALLY PREVENTS ALL FORMS OF GRIEF, including build/break, theft, spam, fire, spawn camping, lava dumping, chat trolling, advertising and more, so you don't have to undo any damage after the fact. It even teaches players how to use it so you don't have to! No configuration or database required. Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. Grief Prevention will solve your grief problems without requiring you to manage a roster of trained administrators, juggle 10 different...


Mar 02, 2016 Tux2 Release
What is MultiInv MultiInv is a plugin that gives players a separate inventory for every different world running on the server. You can share inventories over chosen worlds and some players can be ignored entirely. With this power it is possible to have multiple worlds running on one server, but keeping them totally segregated from one another. MultiInv can also separate health over certain worlds allowing for total separations of a world on a server. If MultiInv refuses to work and you can't...


Feb 29, 2016 Tux2 Release
This library does nothing on it's own and is re-compiled every minecraft version to provide a stable API for several of my plugins of some craftbukkit internals. Yes, this plugin has been updated to Spigot for Minecraft version 1.9! Which Download do I Need? All the downloads are versioned with the craftbukkit version they are for, followed by an optional revision number, and then build number. So if you are on Craftbukkit for Minecraft server version 1.4.4, you would look for a version like...


May 30, 2015 Tux2 Release
Frustrated at other kit plugins that don't really do what you want them to do? Have you ever thought that there might just be a better way? Introducing InfiniteKits! With support for enchantments, custom names, lore, custom potion creation, player head support, dyed armor and custom repair values on the items, cooldowns, in game kit editing, and a whole bunch more this plugin easily passes up all the competition! Features (Stuff added in newest version is in green letters) Easy chest GUI to...
DisguiseCraft Logo


Mar 17, 2015 Devil_Boy Release
Tired of backwards EnderDragons? Upward looking chickens? Or some of the other bugs in MobDisguise? Ready to try something brand new? With DisguiseCraft we are taking a brand new approach on mob/player disguises by taking advantage of the advanced features released in the 1.1-R4 build of CraftBukkit! Features: Disguise as any mob This includes: babies, colored sheep, sized slimes/magmacubes, tamed/aggressive wolves with colored collars, tabby/tuxedo/siamese cats, saddled pigs, villager...
Example Username pull


Feb 28, 2015 Tux2 Release
Ever wanted to know the history of a particular Minecraft user? Now you can! By harnessing the power of the cloud you can pull down the history of any Minecraft username. By using a combination of initial username data from Mojang, user submitted data from actual servers and pre-caching we don't need to make as many requests to Mojang's servers, which in turn means we can do more with the data! This plugin is still in beta so if you have any issues please let me know! Website Update! We now...


Jan 02, 2015 Tux2 Release
Updated for 1.8.1! Now with guardians, endermites and bunnies! MonsterBox will change the type of any monster spawner that you are looking at with the command /mbox set <creaturetype>. Some valid creature types are wolf, pigzombie, creeper. Capitalization does not matter. To change the options, just open settings.ini located in the plugins/MonsterBox folder. For economy support please download and install Vault Now supports setting mob spawners through eggs and having mob spawners drop eggs...


Aug 02, 2014 Tux2 Release
Ever wondered if there was an easier way to submit details about your server with bug reports? Are you a plugin developer frustrated with users who submit really bad bug reports and it's like pulling teeth to get all the relevant information? Wonder no more! DebugReport puts a slew of relevant information about a server into the developer's and your fingertips so that you can accurately diagnose and fix the issue! Developed over the past 2 years by Enjin.com for use in the...


Jul 16, 2014 Tux2 Release
Ever wanted to use a custom twitter feed to fuel your in game announcements? Well, now you can! This plugin was comissioned by Wildcraft for their server. Be sure to check them out! Features Reads an account's Tweets and makes announcements out of them Create time sensitive announcements which automatically stop running after the time frame Auto refresh! No need to ever reload the plugin to grab new announcements URL un-shortener - Unshortens URLs which don't resolve to twitter.com Easy to...


Jun 21, 2014 Tux2 Release
Have you ever wished for a way to give away enchanted items? Maybe you have BuyCraft or an Enjin shop and want to give enchanted items to players. Whether the player is online or offline at the time this plugin will give them the item regardless! With a config file for defining your own custom enchantment packages that you can apply to any item. This plugin was commissioned by the owner of WildCraft: "Terribly Pleasant" go check them out! Features NEW! Add in player names, dates, times and...
ColorShuffle Logo


Apr 04, 2014 Tux2 Release
Wait, what? Can it be? RSMV.net is releasing one of their plugins? Yes! It's true. This is ColorShuffle, the original game where you run to the selected color before the time runs out and the floor falls out from beneath you. Features Color changing mats Unlimited players per game Restores player stats/inventory after the game Create signs to join the arenas as well as who's in the arena XP bar counts down the time until the floor falls Customize the starting time and the decay for each round...


Nov 12, 2013 Devil_Boy Mature
Are you always teleporting that player, turning off the weather, or doing some other mundane task all the time? Are your players always forgetting commands for plugins that get used all the time? Well, with SimpleCommandSigns it is no more! Just install the plugin in your plugins directory, set up the simple config file located in the folder plugins/SimpleCommandSigns and you are ready to go! To use just right click a sign! Features Commandless! Easy to use! Integrates with LWC to lock those...


Oct 09, 2013 Tux2 Release
Ever needed to remove certain blocks, or entire chunks from an area but the area is too laggy to even teleport into, or it even crashes your server? Then this is the plugin you need! It will remove certain type of blocks, or even entire chunks when they are being loaded by the server removing the source of lag before you lag. This tool is non-descriminate however and will remove what you tell it to with no going back! THERE IS NO UNDO! Please note that this only removes lag caused by blocks...


Sep 30, 2013 Tux2 Release
Update: (September 30th, 2013) Entirely Re-coded plugin! Everything is brand new! This is no longer a fork of the NoWeather Plugin! I designed it because it rains/snows too frequently on my server, yet I don't really want to put the weather on a schedule. This has several commands to start and stop storms (respects config file) as well as optional permissions support. If there is no permissions plugin the commands are OP only. Note: As an entirely new, recoded version of the plugin, this...


Sep 28, 2013 Tux2 Mature
This plugin is 1.7 ready! ClayGen is a plugin I made to turn gravel into clay after it was removed from mcMMO. There are three different modes: Turn gravel into clay whenever water flows over or around it (mcMMO style) Only when a certain block is below the gravel block (the default is Brick as of version 0.5). Farming mode: Sets a configurable delay before the gravel turns into clay. Just like any other crop in Minecraft. To change the behavior of the plugin just edit the claygen.ini file...


Jun 06, 2013 Devil_Boy Release
Are you new to the idea of hats? Perhaps you're a server owner trying to find a new mechanic for your survival worlds. Either way, as the TF2 developers say, hats make a game 200% more satisfying. (Or something like that...) Description: UtilityHats presents your server with a new dynamic in the form of hat effects. The effects for each added hat were designed to keep a balance between head-wear marginal utility and costs. We've also made sure not to diminish the value of potions and...


Apr 28, 2013 Devil_Boy Mature
Is money too plentiful on your server? Want players to have certain admin privileges, but only in moderation? Maybe you want them to be able to change the time of day, or teleport to others, but only a limited number of times? Then CommandPoints is for you! CommandPoints is a system in which players can obtain command points through certain actions such as voting for your server through Votifier. Players can then spend their points to execute certain commands that support CommandPoints....


Mar 26, 2013 Tux2 Release
Who knew sponges could be sooo dangerous? With explosive power 7x that of TNT you would just about DIE to get one of these now would you? This plugin basically makes sponges become an active super explosive TNT bomb, but be careful, these will activate when placed and they only give you 3 seconds to run to safety. This was a plugin request, and I couldn't resist NOT making it. Features Makes sponges turn into live tnt when placed Configurable blast radius Configurable fuse length Configurable...


Mar 24, 2013 Devil_Boy Release
This plugin allows for the handling of PVP-related disguise events in the plugins: DisguiseCraft This plugin got the name MobDisguisePVPControl because it was originally made with MobDisguise in mind. Now it only supports DisguiseCraft, because MobDisguise is no longer updated. Features: Allows you to prevent players from being able to attack others while disguised. Allows you to make players lose their disguise upon taking damage. Allows to not show the death messages of disguised players....


Dec 17, 2012 Tux2 Release
Ever go out mining or fall into a pit of lava, or somehow die? Ever wish there was an easier way to find your stuff or that it stuck around longer after death? Introducing Dead Man's Chest! With non-destructive glowstone towers (configurable) with a configurable height so you can easily find your stuff! Best of all the glowstone doesn't drop anything when mined (default), so you don't have to worry about players dying just to get free glowstone! This is the official continuation of the...