Low Health Alarm

Oct 25, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Release
Low Health Alarm. It does what the title says. About This addon is desinged, quite simply, to just play a repeated and annoying sound when your health is below configured thresholds. You can set it up to use any sound you want, but it comes with a sound by default. Configuration You can get to the addon's settings by typing /lowhealth, /lh or /lha in chat, or opening the configuration in the Blizzard interface panel. Speed explanation: The addon has configurable "speed" settings, which means,...


Jun 22, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Mature
A personal library for use in the Van32 line of addons. See the documentation for information on the Library's API To put simply, the library just handles message printing that accepts "Minecraft-style" color codes in the strings, to make for coloring output text easier. Importing Getting the Library .pkgmeta method externals: libs/LibStub: url: svn:// tag: latest libs/!LibVan32: url: svn:// tag: latest...