Feb 07, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Release
Currently, until Mud decides otherwise, Vandesdelca32 is going to be maintaining this project. Hack is a lightweight notebook and/or code development addon. Hack makes it easy to manage a large collection of notes/scripts and share them with other Hack users. Pages containing Lua code can be run and/or flagged to auto-run on startup; they can call other pages, passing arguments and receiving return values. This lets Hack serve as an in-game file system for Lua scripts. OPTIONAL: Hack includes...


Jun 22, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Mature
A personal library for use in the Van32 line of addons. See the documentation for information on the Library's API To put simply, the library just handles message printing that accepts "Minecraft-style" color codes in the strings, to make for coloring output text easier. Importing Getting the Library .pkgmeta method externals: libs/LibStub: url: svn:// tag: latest libs/!LibVan32: url: svn:// tag: latest...

Van32's CombatMusic - Tiered Bosses

Jun 22, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Release
You need to have a version of CombatMusic later than revision 575 to use this module! Not sure what revision of CombatMusic you have installed? Type /combatmusic ingame and check the version number at the top of the settings window. You'll see something like "release_v5.4.11.560"... That 4th number there, is the current addon revision. About Is one set of boss music not good enough for your needs? This module will make it so that you can have two different levels for bosses in CombatMusic,...
Entering Combat

Van32's CombatMusic

Jun 28, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Mature
About Van32's CombatMusic, or just CombatMusic is an addon that you can use to bring that RPG feel back to your World of Warcraft experience! It helps you by automatically playing music you choose when you get into fights ingame! Important! This addon is not distributed with any music files, as it would be copyright infringment. You will have to provide your own music following the instructions found in the README News The issues that have stopped CombatMusic from working are getting fixed in...

Low Health Alarm

Aug 03, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Release
Low Health Alarm. It does what the title says. About This addon is desinged, quite simply, to just play a repeated and annoying sound when your health is below configured thresholds. You can set it up to use any sound you want, but it comes with a sound by default. Configuration You can get to the addon's settings by typing /lowhealth, /lh or /lha in chat, or opening the configuration in the Blizzard interface panel. Speed explanation: The addon has configurable "speed" settings, which means,...

Soul Energy Tracker

Aug 03, 2016 Vandesdelca32 Release
A simple RP Energy Tracker, designed specifically for Gathering Midnight and Soul Hunter energy mechanics. This can be used with any other energy type, but is intended for use with Soul Energy Commands All of SoulEnergyTracker's commands can be accessed with /se, or /soulenergytracker Arguments in [brackets] are required, you can pick between arguments with a | symbol. Arguments in "quotes" mean the literal word, without the quotation marks, instead of a variable. CommandFunction add...