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Apr 18, 2012 WalkerCrouse Release
About TextureMe is a plugin that allows you to change your texture pack in game, which is also downloaded for later use on any server. You can have unlimited texture packs to be chosen and decide whether or not the user should be prompted when they join. You can also open the menu by pressing the key binding ('P' by default) but can be changed in the Spoutcraft controls menu under "plugin key bindings". As of v0.3 you can now have the plugin remember a players selection. This is great for...
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Dec 29, 2011 WalkerCrouse Release
Who is GuildCraft? WalkerCrouse - Code MichaelGaffney - Art Support Report a Bug Source Download Guides What is GuildCraft? GuildCraft is not combat based, it is based upon skills which can be accessed by all, Races contain buffs which stick with you the whole time, other then that Race doesn't effect you too much. Anyone can level up in Mining Woodcutting Combat Farming And more When leveling up you are awarded "skill points" skill points can be used to trigger and increase "active...
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Aug 25, 2011 WalkerCrouse Mature
NetherBan Condemn your users to an eternity of suffering! Downloads Page Source Bukkit Overview: Basically NetherBan provides an alternative to straight out banning. Banning can be too harsh sometimes and kicking just isn't effective. So I created NetherBan! NetherBan allows you to ban your players and prevents them from escaping. While banished, players can't use portals and have restrictions based upon what you do in the NetherBan.prop file! NetherBan is flexible, it allows for many...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found