The Last Hour

May 15, 2012 ZealNaga Alpha
In The Last Hour, you struggle for survival in a city turned to ruins. You have objectives to complete with barely a couple of units and your barracks, but the more tasks you succeed in the more enemies will rush at you. The gameplay in The Last Hour is pretty similar to Left 2 Die, you need to protect an area under siege but still manage to deal damage behind the enemy lines. Units from both sides are customized to provide an even more unique gameplay. Objectives are picked at random among a...

Ikari Warriors

Feb 18, 2012 ZealNaga Release
Ikari Warriors encyclopedia Enemies | Bosses | Vehicles | Powerups | Levels | Modes | Controls Frequently Asked Questions What is this project about? Ikari Warriors is mainly inspired by an old video game going by the same name, originally available for Arcade, Amstrad CPC and Amiga amongst other platforms. The intent of the SC2 project is to recreate a "run and gun" shoot-em-up experience based on the main features of the original game. Where can I download the map? The latest map version is...


Dec 12, 2010 ZealNaga Planning

Sand Worm Survival

Dec 12, 2010 ZealNaga Planning
Please read the thread in the forums to know more: http://forums.sc2mapster.com/resources/project-workplace/15761-minigame-sand-worm-survival/