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Apr 22, 2012 acuddlyheadcrab Release
Main page ToDoListv1.3 github source A lightweight, yet dynamic ToDo list for server Administrators! About the plugin: _ ToDo list is a plugin designed to keep administrators on task! If you ever need to write something down, remember a plugin to add, a player to promote, or anything else - ToDoList will help. Features: Add or check off (remove) tasks in the todolist Configure color it's displayed in Possible GUI in the future? (anyone want this?) How to use: Commands: /todo View the todo...


Apr 06, 2012 acuddlyheadcrab Release
Main page bbChatTags v1.5 github source Add your own BBCode-like tags to minecraft's new chat! Use italics, bold, colors and more in game! About the plugin: _ Have you ever been wanting to say something in italics while in game? Or maybe you wanted to point out an obvious thing in bold? Well now you can do that! _ Since Bukkit has joined Mojang we haven't seen much come out of it...until today (3/23/12) that is! With the release of Minecraft 1.2.4, Mojang has added many new chat features....


Apr 06, 2012 acuddlyheadcrab Release
Main page GameMode for All v2.0 Change everyone's gamemode in an instant! About the plugin: _ Have you ever wanted to quickly change all your online players' gamemodes? Are you trying to give a free-for-all Creative mode minute, but stuck on setting everyone's gamemode, by hand, for each player? GMforAll was made just for that!! Features: /gmall switches every player's gamemode Configure letting /gmall set the server default gamemode /gm command for setting your own gamemode permissions too...


Apr 02, 2012 acuddlyheadcrab Release
About the plugin: MobAge github source v2.4 tl;dr, MobAge gets rid of inactive mobs and animals, via a nifty Bukkit method... With options! . A summary Have you been wanting to limit the number of mobs on your server? Have you been doing just that, but found that they all spread out and never despawn? Or maybe you just need mobs to spawn close to each player, and not just every where possible? Well I hate selling my plugin like that, but MobAge is your plugin! :D . So anyways, MobAge is a...


Nov 23, 2011 acuddlyheadcrab Release
About the plugin: ChatWarn v.3.2 github source Update coming soon(ish)! I had a major plugin that had priority over this... sorry :( ChatWarn is a plugin that is designed to let players know what the penalty of swearing is. It's whatever you decide (kind of) ! ChatWarn can ban, kick, kill, and soon more, to a player who decides that they want to push the limits. Features: Censors a max of 3 words Replaces each word with another configurable word Warns the player Offers 2 penalties at a...


Oct 15, 2011 acuddlyheadcrab Release
About the plugin this mod is more or less a proof of concept Tired of spamming everyone with "player changed his gamemode" and this or that? Use GameModeSilencer! This project will eventually include a plugin, if you don't want to/can't modify craftbukkit. The mod is technically an alternative method ABOUT This craftbukkit modification simply changes the announcement of someone's gamemode being changed, to a message that only sends to the player being changed. Instead of broadcasting...
  • 6 bukkit plugins found