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Jun 27, 2015 barwnikk Release
Don't play with cheaters!! This plugin requires every player to write .help to see if someone using a hacked client. Many hacked clients have .commands so this stops players from using hacks by checking if they have a .help command. Download Latest download: Installation 1. Download plugin. 2. Place in plugins folder. 3. Restart/Reload your server. 4. Give certain staff/players the permission to bypass the...


Aug 17, 2013 barwnikk Beta
Support now Bukkit 1.7.2!!! This plugin stops players from seeing certain, or all your plugins. You can configuration which, or if players can see plugins at all. Information Edits the lists the plugin list. Usage And Permission CommandPermissionDescription /plpluginfake.listAllows players to list plugins /pl add [plugin name]pluginfake.addAllows players to add fake plugins to the plugin list /pl delete [plugin name]pluginfake.deleteAllows players to delete fake plugins from the plugin list...
Informer - Informator


Apr 19, 2013 barwnikk Release
Heyyy! Have you dreamed about doing cool commands, such as / contact or / help? If so, you've come to the right place! This plugin will help you create these commands using a simple configuration file! Usage&Permission Example config&usage: Config: give me op: no! /help ======HELP====== /help 1. You can't griefing /help 2. You can buy vip /help next page: /help 2 /help 2 &2Help - page 2 /help 2 ======HELP VIP===== /help 2 show this msg, who has permission ""...


Mar 19, 2013 barwnikk Beta
Hi! Would you like console, but no icon cmd? Or console in tray? Yes? Download it! Functions Safe exit from server (with close window, this is same as /save-all, next /stop) Write command in window On minimize window is hidden and create in tray One click on tray - show Window Context button of mouse (default left) - show context menu with option: Plugins, Show console, Exit, Save exit) Every plugin in context menu has got options: disable, enable, save config, save default config On mouse...


Oct 08, 2012 barwnikk Release
Hi! Has essientials this plugin? NO! Here is log file, but essientials hasn't got it! Do you wan't to see private player's messages? May you don't wan't to look in console, who written the private message? By this plugin with no difficulty you can see every private message! But you are not online, and console was restarted? (in version 1.1 and later) No problem!!! There is a message history, which allows you to see messages. And this everything is by plugin MsgViev!!! Information History file...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found