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New Digilock version 3.2.4


Apr 12, 2012 Rocologo Release
Project Status Update - 6/20/12 New: First beta of Digilock has been made available. I have posted the last version (3.6) which is intended to restore a functional DigiLock system for chests. Its has issue, many issues. Backpack inventory drag functionality creates ghost inventory items, Shift+Click works, but is at time unpredictable, I recommend disabling Backpack or use at your own risk. Doubledoor mechanics DO NOT WORK. Sort works fine, books functionality is as it was. Again, this is a...
BP Steve


Nov 06, 2013 dockter Release
Everyone wants extra storage, Backpack! Do not use the 1.6.x builds of backpack with a 1.7.x. server.... Backpack Core Features Configurable Drop on death Uses Vault for Economy handler. Allow your players to expand their Backpack from 9 slots to a max of 54. Multiworld support with different Backpacks or Sharing! Overflow abilities from players main inventory. (Must have at least 1 open slot to make overflow abilities work). Blacklist Abilities - deny certain items in the Backpack Fully...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found