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BP Steve


Nov 06, 2013 dockter Release
Everyone wants extra storage, Backpack! Do not use the 1.6.x builds of backpack with a 1.7.x. server.... Backpack Core Features Configurable Drop on death Uses Vault for Economy handler. Allow your players to expand their Backpack from 9 slots to a max of 54. Multiworld support with different Backpacks or Sharing! Overflow abilities from players main inventory. (Must have at least 1 open slot to make overflow abilities work). Blacklist Abilities - deny certain items in the Backpack Fully...
New Digilock version 3.2.4


Apr 12, 2012 Rocologo Release
Project Status Update - 6/20/12 New: First beta of Digilock has been made available. I have posted the last version (3.6) which is intended to restore a functional DigiLock system for chests. Its has issue, many issues. Backpack inventory drag functionality creates ghost inventory items, Shift+Click works, but is at time unpredictable, I recommend disabling Backpack or use at your own risk. Doubledoor mechanics DO NOT WORK. Sort works fine, books functionality is as it was. Again, this is a...
  • 2 bukkit plugins found