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Aug 18, 2015 Sleaker Mature
Help support development of Vault: Donate Vault is a Permissions, Chat, & Economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems without needing to hook or depend on each individual plugin themselves. It was born out of a distaste for how both Register and the current Permissions API are run, and their lack of features or over-complicated implementations. Vault attempts to solve these issues by being intuitive and providing plugins with support for any system that they may use. Config:...


Mar 20, 2013 fatmarleys Release
EASYRULES is a simple plugin with no Permissions and one easy command /rules. By using txt file rather than a yaml, server admins can make changes to the txt file upload and see the changes immediately. No need to reload or restart. There is just one simple command /rules Rules.txt Within the folder /plugins/rules is the rules.txt file. There 2 settings you can adjust. Joinmessage, which will broadcast a quick message to all users when they join Prefix, this is what will appear before all...

Capture the Record

Jun 16, 2012 Mirosta Beta
CaptureTheRecord v0.93(beta) Download: Jar File Via Dropbox Mirror: ZIP Via Mediafire Capture the Record Rules: See the rules here Features: Adding a new world to be used as the game world Using a pre-existing world as the game world Regenerating large areas of the world, so you can restart from scratch after a game Prevents cross team chat during a game, except via a specific command Prevents most command use except specific commands during games Ignores actions performed in worlds other...


Mar 10, 2012 fatmarleys Alpha
FatHunger Based on Supertt007 NoHunger plugin. (with Permission) This plugin brings back left-click eating for instant healing and even alows you to disable hunger all together. All food (except cake) values can be controlled, allowing you to set the healing value of common items to be low and rarer items higher. For role-playing servers you can make certain foods have a negative value, injurying a player when eating. (ex Rotten Flesh) Config The Default config file is here. NEW OPTION =...


Mar 06, 2012 fatmarleys Release
A very simple Teleportation plugin. This is a continuation of the EasyTP plugin made by Infernus and then maintained by Husky. Since both are inactive I will give mine to the world. Concept I personally hate to write out long commands to Teleport to another player. So I have used this plugin for eons. /to NAME is about as easy as I could find. Since its creation it has had 2 authors, but I have worked with Husky on his BeastTP, which this is based on to add Vault. After offering the code to...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found