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ChannelIRC (ChannelChat)

Apr 30, 2013 feildmaster Release
Adds CraftIRC support for ChannelChat. Allows mapping of channel chat channels to irc channels, and vice versa. Source | More Modules Setup: Configuration | CraftIRC Configuration Features CraftIRC support for ChannelChat! Commands None

CensorChat (ChannelChat)

Dec 15, 2012 feildmaster Release
This module for ChannelChat allows you to apply server wide censor filters over your players chat! Source | Jenkins | Commands & Permissions | More Modules Features: Configure which channel types, or even specific channels, get filtered! Ability to create as many (regex) filters as you want! Turns entire filtered word into asterisks (*) In game filter commands. Commands: /censor Planned Features: Allow use of plugin without ChannelChat Allow replacement of regex with custom words
Logo Beta


Nov 30, 2012 feildmaster Beta
ChannelChat allows administrators to easily define channels which sit in their servers chat. These can be easily manipulated to do as you please, allowing auto joining, passwords, distance and more. Allow your users to create private channels to add their friends in a simplistic manner. ChannelChat works alongside the majority of chat formatting plugins, allowing it to comfortably work along side major plugins such as Essentials, Factions and Towny. Thread | Source |...


Jun 20, 2012 feildmaster Release
ControlORBle, lets you control player experience. From configuring experience loss on death, down to how much experience you get from monsters, this plugin lets you customize just about everything you can do with experience! Source | irc://irc.esper.net/#fmdev Commands & Permissions | Configuration Features: Configurable Experience Loss on Death (With the ability to fine-tune by death type!) Add/Remove/Set players experience "Virtual Experience" - Experience goes to chat notices (not orbs)...

ChannelTap (ChannelChat)

Jan 30, 2012 feildmaster Release
Ever wanted to tap into a player/channels messages without actually being in the channel? Well now you can with this handy module for ChannelChat! Source | More Modules Features: Configuration-free setup! Ability to listen in on specific players, or channels! Commands: /tap [#channel/player]Taps into a specified #channel or player Permissions Chan.TapAllows players to tap channels/players

ChannelColor (ChannelChat)

Jan 30, 2012 feildmaster Beta
White text is a pain, but now you can color your ChannelChat channels! Source | Jenkins | Color Codes | More Modules Features: Ability to color a channels text ToDo: More user/admin-friendly configuration In game command...!
  • 6 bukkit plugins found