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Sep 19, 2016 gomeow Release
Chester Chester is a chat-bot that can be added to your server. Players can chat to him and from what us, the developers, have found, the responses can be hilarious! Features Logs all messages by players. When Chester is mentioned, he replies with one of his saved messages. Works in any language (except in the beginning, where he stores 3 English sentences) Usage Just chat like normal, and say 'Chester' when you want him to respond Commands None Permissions Negate chester.trigger to stop...

DeathSwap Core

Jan 22, 2014 hawkfalcon Release
Quote from SethBling:DeathSwap is a PvP minigame that pits you against an opponent in survival Minecraft. After random intervals, you and your opponent will swap positions. Whoever dies first loses. Fully automatic DeathSwap games Multiple games at once Customizable time between swaps Lobby based or play with friends Automatically creates game when 2 people join lobby Random spawn location for each player Make a join sign (pic) commandpermissiondescription /ds joindeathswap.joinJoin the...


Oct 19, 2013 gomeow Release
FlyNoKill FlyNoKill allows you to stop fly pvp. Do you want to allow players to fly, but not abuse their power to flee from enemies they attack? This plugin won't allow flying players to attack others. Features Stops people who are in survival mode, who can fly, from attacking mobs and players! People who get damaged can't fly for a configurable amount of time. Commands None! Permissions flynokill.bypassBypasses the restriction to attacking mobs while flying and in survival mode. Updater This...


Jul 21, 2013 gomeow Mature
Features Changes all item meta you want to! Handles Display names, Lore, and Enchantments Handles Skull owners, Leather coloring, and map scaling Handles book authors, and titles Ability to un-sign a book Commands CommandDescription /meta, /mh, /metahandlerShows the main help menu. /meta item display set <Name>Sets the display name. /meta item display clearResets the display name. /meta item lore set <Line #> <Text>Sets the lore on that line. /meta item lore del <Line #> <Text>Removes the...

Variable Portal Sizes

Jun 09, 2013 gomeow Beta
Variable Portal Sizes Features You can change the size or shape of any portal to whatever you want! Example: A portal in the shape of a bear! Usage Light portals just as you normally would, except it will still work no matter the size of the portal. Commands None Permissions Negate variableportalsizes.abnormal node to stop people from making portals that are shaped weird (they can still make normal portals though) Bugs This project is in beta mode, it may contain a few bugs. Any portals that...


May 30, 2013 BigBlackBoris Release
Ever wanted to let your players fly? Now you can! bFly allows your users to type /fly and (optionally) pay to fly! It will automatically get removed after a certain amount of time. And the best thing? It's fully configurable, and fully compatible with many Anti-Cheat plugins! (Tested with Anti-Cheat, NoCheatPlus and NoCheat). You also don't die when flying privileges get taken off of you! You can even give money back to the player when their /fly gets disabled! Permission Nodes fly.fly - can...


Apr 22, 2013 gomeow Release
DepositChests Features Allow players to own deposit chests that only allow depositing. Only the owner may remove the items in the chest. Limit the amount of deposit chests a player may make. Commands depositchest.user /dc - Shows help menu. /dc setchest <name> - Creates a deposit chest with the given name. /dc info <name> - Displays info about the specified chest. /dc info - Displays info about a chest you click. /dc remove <name> - Removes deposit chest status on the specified chest....


Mar 18, 2013 gomeow Release
Updates have been put on hold until v2.0 is released. Note: v2.0, due to a complete rewrite, will lose some features, which will be re-added soon after. Have you ever wanted to play tag in Minecraft? Now you can! Description: A simple to use plugin that lets you play tag in Minecraft! v1.0 has had major changes! BE SURE TO DELETE THE MCTAG FOLDER BEFORE UPDATING How to use: Install the plugin then run the command /tag. While a game of tag is on, hit players to tag them. Commands: /tag start -...


Feb 25, 2013 gomeow Release
FEATURES Count up house points for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Display the points on auto-updating signs! COMMANDS /housepoints - The help menu. /housepoints <set|give|take> <gryffindor|slytherin|hufflepuff|ravenclaw> <points> - Sets|Gives|Takes the specified points to|from the specified house. Note: <gryffindor|slytherin|hufflepuff|ravenclaw> can be shortened to <g|s|h|r> SIGN SETUP Markup: [House] Place a sign. Label the top line as follows:...

Depth Commands

Jan 23, 2013 gomeow Release
FEATURES Configurably block commands from being used below a configurable depth! Useful for blocking commands such as /home while mining. You can also only block commands with certain args! Ex. Block /f home, but not /f COMMANDS NONE! PERMISSIONS - Ops get these automatically. depthcommands.* - Gives all depthcommands permissions! depthcommands.bypass - Bypasses the depth commands restrictions. CONFIG Height: Put at below which height should commands be blocked here. Forbidden-Commands: Add...


Dec 16, 2012 gomeow Release
Need a new broadcasting plugin that gives a lot of functionality? Here is a new one called ServerNotify! FEATURES Fully customizable messages. Many replacements (eg. %players% turns into a list of players COMMANDS NONE! PERMISSIONS - Ops get these automatically. servernotify.* - Gives all of one permission! servernotify.admin - If a player has this permission, there name will be in the %admins% list. CONFIG For information on how to set up the config, click here. AND NOW YOU'RE DONE! Source...


Oct 25, 2012 gomeow Release
FEATURES Counts every kill done on this server. Counts how many mob kills vs Player kills. Does the above but for a specific player! COMMANDS /killcount - Shows server killcount stats. /killcounter <player> - Shows killcount for a specific player. /passivecount - Toggles whether or not to count passive mob kills. PERMISSIONS killcounter.* - Gives the below permissions. killcounter.use - Allows users to see the killcount. killcounter.passivecount - Allows users to change whether passive mobs...
  • 12 bukkit plugins found