Shardwatch in action


May 01, 2014 instant Beta
==================== insShardWatch by: instant Introduction: ======= insShardWatch is a very simple addon that will attempt to inform you of your shard collection progress (from achievement) whenever you obtain a shard. You will be told the following information: (From example in Stonefalls) Achievement:[397] Stonefalls Skyshards: Find all 16 Skyshards in Stonefalls Number of Criterias:[16] 1 - Watching lions swim to shore. [Completed] 2 - Near Bal Foyen's gate. [0] 3 - Staging an attack on...
Insjunkyard in action


May 01, 2014 instant Beta
==================== insjunkyard by: instant Introduction: ======== insJunkyard is an addon that can automatically sell _EVERY_ item you have marked as "Junk" whenever you visit a STORE. It can automatically mark ANY item you have added to a stored list as junk, and will remember this for your next game session. It can auto mark TRASH items as Junk, so you do not have to do that every time you loot a junk item. You can be told which items are sold, the quantity, and the sum value of said item...
ins:Mobs2Level in action!


Apr 27, 2014 instant Release
==================== insMobs2Level by: [email protected] Introduction: ======== Mobs2Level is a very simple addon that does two things 1. It tells you how many XP gaining events (kills/quests) you need to complete to reach a level up. 2. It tells you how many CraftingXP gaining events you need to complete to reach next craft rank. 3. It tells you how much (or many) quests you need to complete to level up. It is very customizable and supports 5 colours :) Using the addon: ========== ins:Mobs2Level...
ins:Stacker in action


Apr 18, 2014 instant Beta
========================== ins:Stacker by: instant ========================== Introduction: ============== ins:Stacker is a very simple addon to assist with inventory mules. Its sole purpose is to move a stack from either BANK/BAG to BAG/BANK where either an item exist in both places. A future version should have the option to MOVE all items of a particular type, for example "Provision" items. Note: ===== If you want a fully automated addon to move similar items TO your Bank you should check...