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Tree Assist

Jan 11, 2016 SLiPCoR Release
TreeAssist - Auto Replants and Auto Destroy 1.9 updates over here: click Version: v5.8.90 This plugin will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down), and will keep it the same tree type. It also will take down an entire tree when then bottom log is removed depending on whether it is enabled in the config. _______________________ Main video, please watch! Main video Another feature video. Video of general features _______________________ Features: Replants trees when the bottom log...


Aug 25, 2013 itsatacoshop247 Release
FarmAssist - Auto-replant Crops Last Version: v2.3 (CB-1.5.2-R0.1 & CB-1.6.2-R0.1 Beta Build) From the maker of TreeAssist, FarmAssist is a plugin that makes farming easier. It allows for the automatic replanting of Wheat, Reeds, Cocoa Beans, and Nethwart - provided that the player has the proper planting materials in their inventory. As of Version 2.0 I have added Carrots, Potatoes, Pumpkin stems, and melon stems. They all work the same way as the other crops. Watch the video! Features:...
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Aug 07, 2013 itsatacoshop247 Release
PersonalMOTD A plugin that will let you show player's name in the MOTD and/or randomize public motds of your server. You can also use motd to only one player. Version: v2.4 This plugin will show a players name to themselves in the MOTD of your server (that's the message shown in the server list!) It uses mySQL or yml (your choice) to save a players IP. Once the player has logged in at least once to save the IP, it will begin showing them a custom MOTD you define in the conifg, where %name% is...
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Jun 22, 2012 itsatacoshop247 Release
GravitySucks - Stop players from avoiding fall damage! This plugin is outdated, and it's features have been added to new bukkit versions! Version: v1.4 This plugin will remove the three seconds of invincibility when a player logs in if it is detected that they were falling when they logged out! This fixes the exploit where you can logout then login again to avoid taking fall damage. Note, it only removes this invincibility if you were falling before you logged out. If you log in not falling,...


May 01, 2012 itsatacoshop247 Release
UnderwaterTorch - Torches stay Underwater/UnderLava Version: v2.31 This plugin lets you place torches underwater. Very lightweight. Requested here. Heres a quick video: Click for Video on Youtube Features: -Allows placing of torches underwater, because you dont always have pumpkins or glowstone with you. -Also allows for the items under Lava -Also keeps minecart Track, minecart booster track, minecart detector track, Redstone Torches, Levers, buttons, redstone, and redstone repeaters from...
DisposalChest 1.4


Mar 03, 2012 itsatacoshop247 Release
I no longer wish to work on my plugins and will not be providing support or updates for this plugin. Source codes are either on github or in the jar files. PM me if you wish to take over a plugin. ___________ DisposalChest - Get rid of stuff Version: v1.7 This plugin was suggested here. This plugin is helpful in that usually people put lava around to make trash bins. That lets people steal the lava, and it is also a fire hazard. This plugin gives a protected chest to put unwanted items into,...
  • 6 bukkit plugins found