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Aug 14, 2013 joehot200 Beta
Main What is a 'ninja'? the Ninja is a new mob - he is quite rare (10% chance of spawning), and is really tough, is hard to kill, etc. What will he do? Once he targets you, he can: Move really fast. Be very tough to kill. Drop TNT on you. ADDED: TNT WONT DESTROY GROUND. Teleport near or above you when attacked Do 2 hearts of damage with every hit (on full diamond armour!) Drop 10 golden apples on death. What will he look like? He will look like a headless man, wearing dyed leather armour....


Nov 01, 2012 CevinWa Release
General This plugin take away thoose annoying admins or ops that gives op to everybody. It only makes the command /op aviable in the console Features A fix for to get rid of /op abusers. Upcomming Features Idk, Suggest in comments Developer info This plugin is developed by CevinWa of the X12 dev gaming team.


Oct 31, 2012 CevinWa Release
Keep your server dark. Just in time for Halloween! :D Have you ever wanted to have an only night-time server? Well, NoDay is your plugin! Never see the sunshine again. Features Keeps the server constantly night. Configureable Activation command MultiWorld support. Commands /noday true: Activates noday for the world your currently in /noday false: Deactivates noday for the world your currently in /noday true [World]: Activates noday for the specific [World] /noday false [World]: Deactivates...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found