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Jan 21, 2013 lenis0012 Release
SwearingBlocker We all have trouble with those annoying pests on our server: players swearing all the time. If you are sick of them, then SwearingBlocker is right for you. This lightweight plugin stops their messages from appearing, and can also smite players who swear. It works instantly, no additional setup required! How to Install Drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder Stop and restart your server Set up the config.yml however you want Add your own words in the config.yml...
Anti-Bedrock Banner


Dec 18, 2012 th3controller Release
Anti-Bedrock ATTENTION! THIS PLUGIN WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED! USE BlockControl INSTEAD! Description Anti-Bedrock is a block management plugin. The name might be confusing but this plugin has evolved to a more flexible state where server admins can control which blocks players can or cannot place or destroy. It features a simple configuration, you can simply add any block you would like. Features Compiled in Java 7 Environment! You need to have Java 7 in order to run this plugin! Permissions...

Proper Chat

Mar 26, 2012 joshwenke Planning
Proper Chat Introducing ProperChat! This is a lightweight plugin that makes the chat of everyone (or only specified people) look great! It fixes errors with punctiation and always adds a capital letter at the beginning of each new sentence (unless it is someone's username). Features • Adds a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence (unless it is someone's lowercase username) • Adds a period at the end of sentences • Very smart plugin (won't add a period if there's an exclamation mark,...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found