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Jan 01, 2014 libraryaddict Mature
Description AntiCommandTab protects your server from Layer 1 CoPY-Cat attacks. Users will not be able to figure out your server plugins and through commands or [TAB]. Features Blocks / [TAB] Blocks /ver [TAB] Blocks /version [TAB] Blocks /about [TAB] Blocks /pl and /plugins Blocks /about Blocks /version and /ver Blocks /? In the config.yml you can customize the deny message (chat format supported!) Permissions lib.commandtab.bypass - bypasses /[TAB] and commands Requirements This plugin...


May 20, 2013 kamehameha1 Mature
This Plugin Is A Continuation of libraryaddict's Bankai mod which was abandoned. The original script was created by libraryaddict. This mod is planning to add some new commands to the mod and is going to be updated continuously. This Plugin Will Add /bankai, /hallow And The Getsuga Tenshao To The Game. This plugin doesn't take up that much RAM and if there are any bugs please ticket the plugin. This Plugin Doesn't Have Any Dependencies. Please note using /bankai or /hallow has a chance of...


May 02, 2013 libraryaddict Release
Hacks So what is this? Ever saw those hack clients and wished you could do cool stuff too.. Except you know. Without that whole hacking part. Well this is a plugin which allows clients to hack. Without a client mod installed. Even NoCheatPlus is convinced you are hacking! Sounds cool. Whats the features of this and how does it work? Just read on further to find out what hacks you can currently enable. To make this work I have a mixture of using the bukkit API and inserting packets. Using...


Jan 23, 2013 libraryaddict Release
Description NoDrops is a plugin which prevents drops from spawning into the world, And gives you the feature of clearing existing drops from the world. Its mainly aimed for building a map without the worries of players finding items you didn't notice. However you may want this as a one off job to get rid of those drops which are lagging you or bugging you. Or host a creative server where you build, But you do not want people dropping items and creating lag. Commands /nodrops <enable/disable>...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found