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Nov 27, 2012 lol768 Beta
Introduction A simple plugin that allows players to register blocks and then toggle on and off (all blocks to air). Useful for dams, bridges, traps, secret areas, controlling redstone via commands and much more. Features Multi-world support Block data support (wool colours, wood types, container positions etc) All regions are saved and accessible after a reload Regions are easily backed up Supports tbon and tboff commands from the console and players Can be used to activate redstone via a...


Nov 18, 2011 luke_gb Beta
This is not an actual server mod. Please do not attempt to download files associated with this project. Or else. [ONELINER:This summary must be between 10 and 200 characters long, and may be cut off.]


Sep 19, 2016 gomeow Release
Chester Chester is a chat-bot that can be added to your server. Players can chat to him and from what us, the developers, have found, the responses can be hilarious! Features Logs all messages by players. When Chester is mentioned, he replies with one of his saved messages. Works in any language (except in the beginning, where he stores 3 English sentences) Usage Just chat like normal, and say 'Chester' when you want him to respond Commands None Permissions Negate chester.trigger to stop...


Oct 05, 2013 np98765 Release
BattleKits is a feature-packed plugin essential to running a KitPvP server, an action-packed gamemode where users are given equipment and immediately thrown into battle! With BattleKits, you can configure almost everything and customize your kit server exactly how you want. Features Provides an exciting PvP experience Covers a range of features vital to a KitPvP server Fully configurable PvP kits, including enchanted items, custom named items, and colored armor Rewards for successfully...
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Aug 26, 2013 lol768 Release
LiteKits! Introduction LiteKits is a lightweight Bukkit kits plugin with a focus on usability and efficiency. I've tried to remove the bloat that has affected other kit plugins such as BattleKits. Instead of compromising on functionality, LiteKits has an API that will allow developers to easily create extensions for the plugin. Features Create kits in-game from your inventory without editing a config file Easy to use chat-based wizard system guides you through the process of creating a kit...


Mar 11, 2013 lol768 Release
Originally requested by Reptar_ ( Introduction RandomTP is a plugin that allows random teleports within user-defined categories. RandomTP supports multi-world and pre-loads chunks to stop players from falling into the void. The plugin is very minimalistic and only outputs messages when necessary. The plugin supports permissions and a number of advanced settings. Commands CommandUsageDescriptionPermission /rtp/rtp <category>Teleports...
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Dec 28, 2012 np98765 Release
PotionCommands Ever wanted to apply a potion that you can’t brew? Forgot a brewing recipe? Not a problem! With PotionCommands, just type a command, and apply almost any potion effect to anyone! Important notice regarding issues, feature requests Please submit bugs, feature requests etc to this page: Commands: /potion [user] <effect> [duration] [amplifier]: Applies potion effect to player. <user>: Choose who to apply the effect to <effect>:...


Oct 12, 2012 lol768 Release
Handcuffs+ Fork of Features Handcuff people using certain item (configurable) Free people with using certain item (configurable) Handcuffed people can't run. Handcuffed people can't interact Handcuffed people can be carried by non handcuffed people. Handcuffed people's damage is cut in half. (configurable) Fire can burn through handcuffs (configurable) Op only support (configurable) Permission support (configurable) Distance can be controlled Force...


Oct 09, 2012 lol768 Release
By request from user: ImCradzz. Has some similarities to (which I didn't realise existed during development), but doesn't require a config file and confiscates all illegal items (not just 64). Also doesn't damage either player, regardless of frisk result. Introduction Frisk is an advanced new plugin that supports customizable lists of 'illegal' items which can be used in conjunction with the stick tool, which allows mods, admins and policing users...


Oct 06, 2012 lol768 Release
Sit! Sit is a new plugin that allows admins/mods to freeze players into place without jerking when they try to move and get teleported back. Frozen players cannot interact with the world. Sit! supports two self-explanatory permissions: sit.sit for /sit <player> sit.stand for /stand <player> Source


Aug 08, 2012 lol768 Release
Added offline support.Please Note: Offline or cracked servers will not store past IP address data. I have no intention of changing this behavior at the current time. Summary of features FindIP is a lightweight plugin that allows mods and admins to quickly and easily find the IP address of any specified user with a simple command (/ip <player>). FindIP also stores past Ip addresses of users so you can quickly and easily tell what IP addresses users tend to connect from and if two accounts are...


Aug 04, 2012 lol768 Release
Introduction This simple plugin allows admins to selectively give users permission to bypass the "Moving too fast (hacking?)" kick that occurs when players seemingly move too fast. By giving the player the sk.bypass permission, they are automatically immune from this kick. Source code @EventHandler public void onKick(PlayerKickEvent e) { if (e.getReason().contains("You moved too") && e.getPlayer().hasPermission("sk.bypass")) { e.setCancelled(true); } }

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Jul 29, 2012 lol768 Release
JRE 6 users need to download the special Java 6 build under the Files tab Introduction This plugin allows admins to specify blocks to only be allowed to be broken with a specific tool via a configurable YAML config file. For example, an admin could make ores only able to be destroyed with a pickaxe. The plugin supports multiple item/block IDs as well as configurable messages. Example Config enforce: '5': Any axe,271,275 '56' Iron or diamond pickaxe,257,278 5 represents wood (any data value),...
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