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Jul 25, 2012 lololmaker Mature
With this plugin LOCAL CHAT allows you to talk with people in certain radius where GLOBAL CHAT allows you to talk to everyone on the server. FEATURES Local Chat Ranged chat (in config, default 100) Custom format (Default: [L] Player : Message) Custom message if noone is in range Global Chat Unlimited range (Into any world/location) Must use prefix before message (Default: !) Custom format (Default: [G] Player : Message) Admin Chat Unlimited range Must use prefix (Default: #) Custom format...


Jul 24, 2012 lololmaker Release
The purpose of this plugin is trading, two way trading. With many other plugins you are forced to create two signs to trade items vice versa. In this plugin, you can do everything at once. SIGN FORMAT In this picture there are items without damage values, but you can include them. Also example of infosign 1 [AholaTrade] Item1:Amount1 Item2:Amount2 What that format means, in order to make one diamond worth a stack of iron, we would do: [AholaTrade] 264:1 265:64 If you have infomode enabled in...


Jul 15, 2012 lololmaker Release
This is a server ban plugin, created for server. It includes ALL the history of user's bans. You can search the ban by it's ID. When user is banned, he recieves ban ID, later on, you can /getban ID to get all information about that ban. You have to configure MySQL database to make it work, if you haven't already. This is a good tutorial for running server on windows: I use same software as well to locally test and debug plugins. ===...


May 26, 2012 lololmaker Release
The main and only purpose of Gold2Exp is that allows you to convert golden ingot to EXP points. This plugin was made by request of server owner Weja for server The valid sign format [Gold2Exp] Amount Gold2Exp can be written in either lower/higher case, it doesn't matter. Amount is a number of how much XP will be given per golden ingot. This plugin will take one golden ingot at a time from your hands only. Other lines don't matter, next two lines WILL be replaced with some...
  • 4 bukkit plugins found