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Aug 09, 2015 manniL Inactive
Idea from here. Features You can set pumpkins with /pk (old version /pumpkinlight). These pumpkins will switch between jackolanterns and pumpkins when a player comes near them. Planned features Suggest some! Permissions PermissionFunction pumpkin.useUse the cmd pumpkin.lightPermission to let the pumpkins switch when the user comes near Player Commands /pk Installation Place the .jar in plugins folder. Now customize and configure the plugin! Source Code


Oct 23, 2014 manniL Inactive
DeathSpawn made by Baummann and is now outdated, so I'll bring it up2date again. Features: You can set a spawn where people spawn when they are dead. Multiworld support included! Commands: /setdeathspawn - Change the death spawn position /deathspawn - Teleports you to death spawn Permissions: deathspawn.setspawn - Access to /setdeathspawn deathspawn.tpspawn - Access to /deathspawn deathspawn.spawn - Spawn @ deathspawn Changelog: v1.4: Revamped plugin, 2 multiworld options included now v1.3:...


Nov 17, 2013 manniL Inactive
Idea from here. Features NoVanillaExp disables vanilla xp gain It removes vanilla experience orbs dropped through fishing, killing, dieing, crafting, mining The plugin is lightweight, so there are no commands, as well as no permissions Best solution if you want to use xp as a currency or want to use the xp bar for something else Fully working Sourcecode @ GitHub (look at the bottom of the page) Known problems Breeding experience orbs spawn anyway due to the problem that bukkit has no breeding...


Nov 12, 2013 manniL Inactive
AutoSneak- The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! AutoSneak allows players to persistently turn on "sneaking", making them appear to other players to be crouching and making their name transparent. I'll carry this plugin up²date, because HeroSneak is abandoned. The new version only works with TagAPI Features Type /sneak to hide your name while still moving at full speed! Optionally specify a duration (in seconds) for how long the sneak should last, and a cooldown (in seconds) to prevent...
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Nov 12, 2013 manniL Inactive
At first, the idea is from Limeth pointed out here. Features: This plugin allows you to customize the mobs on your server and in your worlds like YOU want! You can add tons of things to their attacks and soon you'll can do even more. At the moment you have a decent choise of effects, which you can give to the mobs you want. You can also add multiple effects to a single mob if you want and you can also choose how often the effect should occure, be enabled and in which world. It is also...


Nov 10, 2013 manniL Inactive
Requested here. Features: SpamExclude let you exclude all the unnessecary characters from a message! This plugin works automatic and prevents spam like LOLLLLLL or OMGFG!!!"!!!!!!!!§!!! You can now change in which period ppl. should be able to write in the chat, for example every 2 seconds! It is also possible to enable an option which turns CAPS into lowercase Examples Original messageOutcome NoooooooooooooNo ....................... And than it hit me...... And than it hit me......


Jul 21, 2012 manniL Release
Idea from here. Features With this plugin you can set people to operators for an amount of time you want. After the time is up or the server restarts, the player will be 'normal' again. Planned features Suggest some! Permissions PermissionFunction optimer.useNeed that for using the CMD Player Commands /optimer [name] [time] (unit) The unit is optional, because you can set a standard one in the config. You can choose between seconds(seconds,second,s); minutes(minutes,minute,m),...


Mar 02, 2012 manniL Inactive
Version: 0.7 Now with the Mobs from Minecraft 1.2! This plugin will print out a chat message, if a pig gets striked by lightning. You can configure the message, which the users receive and with permissions you can handle, if a group/user should see the message. Since version 0.6 you can choose a mob, which should spawn instead of the pig-zombie. If you don't want that, just leave this free :) Features Prints a message, if a pig gets striked by lightning Configure the message Permissions...
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