Auto Equip Ammo

Jul 14, 2013 Mavoc Release
Auto Equip Ammo Description Automatically equip any ammo of the same type equipped if you are not at max ammo. This addon will do a check for usable ammo every time your bag changes. This will allow looted ammo to be automatically equipped and save time and money for a Scout. Rogues will find limited usefulness out of this, but if you just equip the ammo type that drops the most then you will most likely not have to worry about running out ever. You can also buy and unpack your arrows into...


Feb 18, 2013 matif Release
Features Show custom buff bar with seconds. Include these settings: Change your bar textures. Change bar width. Change bar scale. Flash if left seconds smaller your setting. Flash or not. Color to red or not if left seconds smaller your setting. Fills the bar or not. Invert filling. Change how many bars you want to show. Shows icons or not. Shrink bars. Icons on left or right. Auto set offset of your debuff bars. Short duration or normal duration format. Change buff colors. Hide player or...
ACL Config Panel

Advanced Combat Log

Jul 11, 2012 Crypton Beta
Advanced Combat Log (ACL) is an easily customizable replacement for the default ingame combat log. Advanced Combat Log should work with all language versions of the game, however not all languages are translated for the UI. If you would like to translate, please visit the link here: Default English UI will load for all that are unsupported currently. Slash Command for those without AM: /acl Features: Configuration Panel Easy /acl...


Feb 08, 2012 matif Release
Features Displays an artwork at the bottom of the screen. The first addon which auto load your skins, you don't need to change any codes. You can quick switch your skin. Auto Settings for 2048 or 1600 width skins. Auto set skin height to same as chat height. You can set the offset of your skin. You can hide Chat and Triangle. Chat: All Chat background set opacity to 0 and Emotion, ChatReset Button set opacity to 0.1. Triangle: All the Triangle for move frame set opacity to 0.1. You can hide...