Jul 09, 2013 matif Release
Features This is a detailed and beautiful Tooltip addon for monsters and players. Added players' and pets' Buff seconds in Tooltip if the time < YOUR_SETTING. Show monsters or combat player CastingBar on the Tooltip and show left second. Added a HealthBar on the Tooltip. Show ExtraTip on Pets. Rewrote quest messages make it easy to read. It will show QUEST_NAME (COUNT/NEED). Show real health, max health, health percent in Tooltip and ExtraTip HealthBar. Change color to green when monster...

ExtraTip Micro

Jun 30, 2013 matif Release
Micro Version Only variation when health or mana change. It is only occupation a little of your ram and it is the fastest Tooltip addon for your computer! Without CastingBar. Without Buff seconds. Please read Normal Version page. Addon Support After v0.7, support following addons. DailyNotes, vyCardInfo, ZzaburCompendium, yaCIt. Usage Type /et to config. /et 20 - Enlarge 20 unit width of Tooltip, use minus will shrink Tooltip. Do you have problem? Please read Addon Teaching first. Please...