Oct 12, 2013 bussdee Release
Pionner and Best for Your System You NEED to install d303Fix, MorphClock or Fix-for-Patch303 if you didn't delete clock. QuestWiz will cause XBar, WoWmap, yGather... broken if you didn't install patch. Please delete the bonus which you don't need! Are you finding other XBar addons? New XBar TitleSelect KittyCombo XBarTimer kwSpeedUp HpMonitor QuickAttire XMinimap → Already include. XAFK XFrame XAntiSpam Sample for XBar Addon Management Sample for XBar Button ExtraTip ExtraTip Micro adBuffBar...


Jun 30, 2013 matif Release
Features Change Minimap skin. Easy to add skins, download more skins here! Mouse scroll to zoom Minimap, base code from ibuffyou. Hide Minimap Buttons which you want. Hide Player Buttons which you want. Menu of Buttons functions. Toggle Minimap Zone Name. Toggle Minimap Time. Toggle Minimap Coordinate. Minimize Minimap. Quick switch skins. EditBox to set frames offset. You can move following frames. Minimap Minimap Zone Name Minimap Time Minimap Coordinate If you didn't install XBar you can...
AFK Mode


Jan 13, 2013 matif Release
Features Include AFK and DND mode. Send message to channels when you change AFK status (AFK/DND/Normal). You can set any message for send. Record message when find keyword in channels. You can set any keyword for record. Record all whisper message when AFK/DND. Auto reply when someone whisper to you and you AFK/DND. A clock timer to auto enable AFK. Auto enable AFK if your mouse didn't hover units after the seconds which you set. Support XBar Addon Management. If you didn't install XBar you...


Jul 23, 2012 matif Release
This is a pack for XBar, all the Button in XBar can be customize, if you delete a Button and want to get it again, download the pack.

XMinimap Skin Pack

Feb 21, 2012 matif Release
Many of skins for XMinimap. Thanks: nigro(A)ngelus, ckknight, weasoug, Noguai, sveed for some of skins. If you don't want your skin in the pack, tell me I'll delete it.


Feb 08, 2012 matif Release
Features Use original anchor. Hide MainMenu. Hide Experience Bar. Auto set Experience Bar width. Shift + R-Click to move frames. EditBox to set frames offset. Dummy for move. Default button. You can move following frames. Experience Bar and MainMenu. Player Pet Target Target's Target Buff Debuff Player's CastingBar Target's CastingBar Party Residence Guild Castle FPS, and changed FPS font size. If you didn't install XBar you can also use it. XFrame Setting Frame: Own Anchor, Relative Frame...


Jan 23, 2012 matif Release
Features You can hide system strings which you don't need. Easy to add or delete keywords in spme list. Show all your keywords in GUI. Support XBar Addon Managemeant. If you didn't install XBar you can also use it. Slash Command /xas or /xantispam - Open GUI. Thanks XBar's author nigroangelus, and MCodes for hook all channel. Do you have problem? Please read Addon Teaching first. Please report bug at Tickets.