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Dec 07, 2013 mbaxter Planning
Curious how horrible your plugin's mangling packets? Trying to debug an odd packet being sent? Look no further, it's Pakkit! Friendly output of packets being sent by your server! Configuration HORRIBLE. Don't use this. Use the commands instead. I will not document this, but I will say that it covers everything you do in commands in a pretty readable way. Commands /pakkit - Does stuff. I'll document this once the plugin's actually complete. Permissions You must be THIS tall to ride Pakkit. And...


Apr 09, 2013 mbaxter Release
Introducing PlayerFlow! PlayerFlow is designed with large servers in mind, with the goal of minimizing chat spam. Too many join and quit messages? Eliminate them! Instead of tedious alerts, PlayerFlow can summarize your server's joins and quits over a period of time (default 1 minute). Have some players who still like getting constant join and quit information? With flexible permissions, you can allow someone to see the constant waves of players. Installation Download PlayerFlow.jar to your...


May 11, 2014 mbaxter Release
Note: This plugin is not a magic solution to problems. PluginCatcher PluginCatcher is a development tool for detecting potential plugin-based causes of server crashes. It is a complex plugin which will cause a slight performance hit on your server while it is active, in order to detect risky behavior by plugins. Currently it primarily detects situations that can lead to ConcurrentModificationException. It is important to note that this plugin cannot detect all scenarios leading to such...
  • 3 bukkit plugins found