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May 18, 2013 hawkfalcon Beta
Scroll Have you ever wanted a plugin that allows for above-head chatting like in games such as RuneScape, Zelda, or Graal? Scroll allows you to do just that! Description Places all chat above the players head and scrolls it. Features Scrolling chat above head Three modes (detailed below) Chat in tab, too Still logs chat to server log. Modes modedescription allshows normal chat to all players selfshows normal chat self nonedoesn't show normal chat Comments/Requests/Bugs? Leave a comment or...


Jan 19, 2014 mbaxter Release
A simple plugin for a simple task. Let your important users (VIPs, donors, admins...) join your server regardless of its full status. No more being blocked from admining your own server due to another player being present! No more kicking that poor player for being there! Reserved slots for the guy who hates to kick his players. And for fun, a custom kick-on-full message, including the ability to add color! Permissions softlimit.bypass Bypass the full status of a server Configuration kickmsg...


Jun 27, 2012 mbaxter Planning
SQLBans intends to be a simple solution to the lack of a quality, fully configurable, easy to use banning plugin utilizing MySQL to enable multiple servers in one gaming network to operate on a single, shared bans list. This is not a global banning system, this is a local banning system for server admins running multiple servers. This project is currently experimental. Further details will be released soon.
  • 3 bukkit plugins found