Nov 16, 2014 moonwitch Release
Talkative2 is a hackish chat add-on; it does: Hiding of tabs - replacing them with fonts that change color Custom channel strings - left trade/general alone though Force classcolors in all chat Forcibly remove the pet battle combat log Add Alt+click to invite players Be advised, there is _no_ config, none whatsoever. I am putting this up here so others can hack away on it.


Oct 26, 2014 moonwitch Release
Parabole is a skin to escape the boredom I was facing. No, it's not brilliant nor is it the best out there. It's square, like most others, it's plain coloured to allow colors to be chosen by users.

Masque: SimpleSquare

Oct 31, 2016 Phanx Release
Simple square skin for Masque. Original textures created by ScythXIII for cyCircled_SimpleSquare. ButtonFacade port by MoonWitch. Masque update and "thin" variant by Phanx. Report bugs on GitHub (preferred), WoWAce, or WoWInterface.