Oct 26, 2014 moonwitch Release
Parabole is a skin to escape the boredom I was facing. No, it's not brilliant nor is it the best out there. It's square, like most others, it's plain coloured to allow colors to be chosen by users.


Nov 16, 2014 moonwitch Release
Talkative2 is a hackish chat add-on; it does: Hiding of tabs - replacing them with fonts that change color Custom channel strings - left trade/general alone though Force classcolors in all chat Forcibly remove the pet battle combat log Add Alt+click to invite players Be advised, there is _no_ config, none whatsoever. I am putting this up here so others can hack away on it.

Masque: SimpleSquare

Jul 24, 2016 Phanx Release
Simple square skin for Masque. Original textures created by ScythXIII for cyCircled_SimpleSquare. ButtonFacade port by MoonWitch. Masque update and "thin" variant by Phanx. Report bugs on GitHub (preferred), WoWAce, or WoWInterface.