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Aug 28, 2016 Starinnia Release
MobileVault allows you to take a snapshot of your guild bank and view it from anywhere. The addon also provides item counts on the tooltips, from any vault you have scanned. Feedback is appreciated, please use the ticket system to report bugs or request new features! If you are upgrading from a 2.0 version to a 3.0 version your saved vaults will be wiped due to a database overhaul. Rescan your guild banks to get data again. If you get an error after updating when you mouseover an item, delete...
MrBigglesworth's Revenge.


Jul 25, 2016 Ketho Mature
Announces to a selectable chat frame which character killed Mr. Bigglesworth, Kel'Thuzad's cat in Naxxramas. Plays some optional ominous thunder. You can also switch the chat output type between SAY, YELL, RAID, PARTY, and GUILD. Much thanks to OrionShock, Jerry, and Tekkub. See the changelog page: slash commands and optional sound now working! Type /mrbigglesworthdeath or /mbd for instructions. Known Issues: Due to a limitation in the Blizzard combat log, this addon only detects when someone...