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Sep 19, 2016 gomeow Release
Chester Chester is a chat-bot that can be added to your server. Players can chat to him and from what us, the developers, have found, the responses can be hilarious! Features Logs all messages by players. When Chester is mentioned, he replies with one of his saved messages. Works in any language (except in the beginning, where he stores 3 English sentences) Usage Just chat like normal, and say 'Chester' when you want him to respond Commands None Permissions Negate chester.trigger to stop...
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Apr 18, 2016 np98765 Beta
Harry Potter Spells [v1.1.5] Will only work with Java 8, please upgrade if you do not have Java 8 [v1.1.4] Has full 1.9 support, if any issues arrise please send in a ticket [v1.1.4] Server owners are recommended to rename their current config.yml and let HPS generate a new one before migrating the contents of their current config.yml to their new one Overview HarryPotterSpells is the ultimate Harry Potter plugin. Whether you run a Harry Potter server, want to add magic to an RP server, or...


Oct 05, 2013 np98765 Release
BattleKits is a feature-packed plugin essential to running a KitPvP server, an action-packed gamemode where users are given equipment and immediately thrown into battle! With BattleKits, you can configure almost everything and customize your kit server exactly how you want. Features Provides an exciting PvP experience Covers a range of features vital to a KitPvP server Fully configurable PvP kits, including enchanted items, custom named items, and colored armor Rewards for successfully...
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Dec 28, 2012 np98765 Release
PotionCommands Ever wanted to apply a potion that you can’t brew? Forgot a brewing recipe? Not a problem! With PotionCommands, just type a command, and apply almost any potion effect to anyone! Important notice regarding issues, feature requests Please submit bugs, feature requests etc to this page: Commands: /potion [user] <effect> [duration] [amplifier]: Applies potion effect to player. <user>: Choose who to apply the effect to <effect>:...
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Aug 25, 2012 np98765 Release
SimpleActions This project has been marked as inactive. I've lost interest in developing it further and/or supporting it. If you have any questions regarding the project, please send me a PM (rather than commenting). My first plugin, SimpleActions. It started as five commands, but it has now grown into a variety of fun and interesting features! Commands: CommandDescriptionPermission Node /ignite <player> [time]Sets a player on fire (if no time specified, uses config)SimpleActions.ignite /poke...
  • 5 bukkit plugins found